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Reviews of 'Dragons of Spring'

Dragons of Spring

by Sean Macdonald, Heine Stick, Clive Squire
War of the Lance Chronicles, Volume 3

Reviews of 'Dragons of Spring'

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Reviewer: Reinbowarrior

Rating: Stars

Against all odds with time running out as the MWP/SP license from Wizards expires, Cam Banks and Sean McDonald, Clive and Ravenmantle again pull it out of the bag for the Epic conclusion.

I have all of the dragons of Spring versions, from the 1st edition original modules, the 15th aniversary editions and now finally the 3.5E adaptation by the people who know and love dragonlance the best.

Fans who have become authors and can shape the setting in their own rigth has always been DL's testament, and no more is it shown than in this product. Truly a labour of love.

With a familiar format, great quality writing throughout, the old modules are updated and put together with the same care and attention to detail that was seen in autumn and winter.

Critisisms - again in black and white. I might have hoped the PDF version at least could have been printed in colour. But this is small critisism as I have the original full colour maps anyway.

Great work guys. I salute you.

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