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Reviews of 'Dragons of Autumn Twilight Hardcover Edition'

Dragons of Autumn Twilight Hardcover Edition

by Andrew Dabb, Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman, Steve Kurth
Dragons of Autumn Twilight Adaptation, Volume 9

Reviews of 'Dragons of Autumn Twilight Hardcover Edition'

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Reviewer: Archangel21

Rating: Stars

Chapter 1

The first chapter in this comic adaptation deals with the area from the beginning of the novel, to the part where Raistlin Majere shows Tanis that the constellations of the Five-Headed Dragon and the Platinum Dragon are gone. I must say that when I first opened the comic and saw the first panel of the Inn of the Last Home, I was immediately drawn in. The artwork is fantastic, and the characters look just like I imagined them. Chapter one cuts almost nothing out of the book and portrays every scene perfect. My personal favorite is the companions meeting in the inn. It is the first time you see all of them together and they, and the inn, looks spectacular.

Chapter 2

Chapter two starts where Chapter one ends and continues until the companions reach Goldmoon's village. For me this chapter was average. It had its high points, but turned me off later. The battle scene with the draconians is spectacular; the artwork really brings it to life. After that though, things go downhill. In the novel, the companions make their way into Darken Wood and encounter undead spirits which is when Raistlin casts his spell and the undead speak through him. The comic completely cuts this out, but I can understand that they have limited space and must make some changes, yet the next thing they cut out seems unforgivable. One of the most important things that happens during the meeting with the Forest Master is when she tells the companions not to mourn for those who die fulfilling their destiny, while she is looking at Sturm, and they cut this part out of the comic. That seemed completely wrong.

Chapter 3

The story of the companions capture by draconians up to Riverwind's death is told in Chapter three. This chapter is really good, telling the story in a life-like way and really conveying the action of the scenes. The one thing that really sold me on this chapter was the first image of Khisanth, it was, for lack of better words, spectacular.

Chapter 4

Chapter four tells the tale of the companions' adventure in Xak Tsaroth. This chapter is very much like Chapter 3, there is nothing neither bad nor missing in it. And again the image of the black dragon holding Raistlin is superb.

Chapter 5

This chapter starts with the companions leaving Xak Tsaroth and ends when they are rescued by the elves. Like always I felt said when Raistlin and Bupu parted ways. The artwork in that section really brought it to life. Fewmaster Toade was drawn really well and I laughed when I saw him, he looked as stupid and ugly as Margaret and Tracy described him. Now the one portion I missed in this comic was Raistlin casting the spell that would cause Catyrpelius to rise up and devour them, I would have really like to see that drawn.

Chapter 6

The Companions arrive at Qualinost and immediately you are struck by the beauty of the place, and yet while the companions wander the street you see that very few people are about, and those that are packing up and don't seem happy. The comic does a wonderful job of portraying these scenes and I enjoyed this chapter a lot. Not only was the scenery lifelike, but the relationship between Tanis and Laurana was also more lifelike than it was in the novels. Near the end of this chapter the Companions fight the giant slug, but one major part is left out, Kith-Kanan giving Tanis Wrymslayer. In this comic, Tanis just grabs it.

Chapter 7

Picking up where Chapter six left out, this next chapter tells about the Companions' adventure in Pax Tharkas. Though it leaves out the Companions' encounter with the Banshee, it is still an excellent chapter. Two panels immediately come to mind when I think about this chapter. The first is the image of Verminaard, it is masterfully drawn and actually sends shivers down my spine every time I look at it. It really shows why the people of Krynn were scared of the Dragon Highlords. The second image is the last panel in this chapter. It shows Verminaard, sitting upon his dragon, chasing after the escaped prisoners, without a doubt this is my favorite image in this whole comic.

Chapter 8

So the comic adaptation comes to an end. The battle between the Companions and Verminaard is portrayed here, as is Goldmoon and Riverwind's wedding. One thing really stands out in this chapter, the battle between the dragons; it is great and really wets the appetite for the next set of comics, where dragon on dragon action will be more common. The wedding would have been better if they had found some way to include the wedding song, but all in all it was a great ending, plus, Tas got in the last word!

Final Thoughts

All in all, this comic was worth my time and money. It was a pretty good interpretation, even thought they left out a few parts. The artwork was spectacular and definitely makes me want to go out there and get the next installment. I give it a 4 ½.

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