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Reviews of 'Wizard's Return'

Wizard's Return

by Dan Willis
Trinistyr, Volume 3

Reviews of 'Wizard's Return'

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Reviewer: Archangel21

Rating: Stars

Disclaimer: The following review contains SPOILERS for Wizard's Return


Wizard's Return is the third book in the Trinistyr Trilogy. It starts with Nearra and Jirah contemplating whether they are going to sacrifice themselves to end the curse. One finally decides to step up and sacrifices her life to save the others. As they leave the tower they are attacked by the elven wizard Tylari. He is able to get away with the Tyinistyr and the remaining companions must stop him from stealing Paladine's power.

In the middle of the book the companions split up. Davyn thinks he has found a way to resurrect the girl who sacrificed her life in the Tower. He goes off and finds Rina, and together the two travel back to the tower to get the ashes of the girl.

While Davyn and Rina go off the rest of the companions must find out when and where Tylari will try to steal Paladine's power. While in the Library of Khrystann they are again attacked by Tylari and he makes off with the two magical weapons. When they finally figure out where Tylari will be they make their way there for the final confrontation....

The Good

I really enjoyed the sense of completeness I had once I finished this novel. It was a spectacular end and left almost no questions unanswered. The characters really grew in this novel; Davyn finally realized his potential and revealed his feeling towards a certain character. In one of the greatest parts of the book the conflict between him and Icefire is resolved.

The Not so Good

To me this book starts off really slow. I lost interest in the beginning and it took me nearly three days to get through the first hundred pages, but after that it picks up rapidly, so greatly, in fact, that you lose track of time and can finish the rest of the novel within hours.

Also, I wished there was a little more emotional depth to Keene. I was hoping that after the death of Pip we'd see some sadness in his eyes, yet his happiness does do wonders for the book and gives it a less oppressive feeling.

Final Thoughts

Wizard's Return is a great ending to a wonderful trilogy. The great writing and storyline make up for its few blemishes. Though it is part of the Young Adults line it shows great character depth that surpasses some Dragonlance novels. Wizard's Return gets a 4.

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