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Reviews of 'Empire of Blood'

Empire of Blood

by Richard A. Knaak
The Minotaur Wars, Volume 3

Reviews of 'Empire of Blood'

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Reviewer: BeezerMN

Rating: Stars

Normally I don't have as high an opinion of books where gods are actively involved in the plot lines. Yet in this one with Sargonas and Morgion being involved seemed... I dunno... 'right' somehow. I thought the god interaction was well written and well thought out. Especially Fargos talking to Sargonas the first time was fantastically written with Fargos not believing in it and Sargonas just basically leaving it in his court to come to him.

I liked how Knaak described the troop movements and the strategic planning that went into getting the rebels to the capital. Some writers I have read would have just used one small paragraph to distinguish time and say that they got there.

I was a little disappointed in the 'final battle' between Fargos and the God touched Minotaur (can't remember his name but it started with an A). To me that battle should have lasted several pages yet when we finally got to it... it was like a flash in the pan... boom and it was done. I mean, basically that was the battle we had been waiting for, for two books now.

All in all I think this was a good book and a pretty good trilogy. There aren't many books that are written about minotaurs but Knaak has a knack (couldn't resist) for writing about them. He does a good job of getting us into their heads and letting us know the 'why' behind their actions.

Solid trilogy, and I recommend it to any Dragonlance fan.

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