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Reviews of 'Tasslehoff's Map Pouch: The War of the Lance'

Tasslehoff's Map Pouch: The War of the Lance

by Sean Macdonald
Tasslehoff's Map Pouches, Volume 2

Reviews of 'Tasslehoff's Map Pouch: The War of the Lance'

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Reviewer: Joel Sanda

Rating: Stars

I confess. I purchased two copies of Tasslehoff's Map Pouch: The War of the Lance. And for the not-so-silly reason to have a map of Ansalon on the wall of my home office (the other for use while gaming).

Like Tasslehoff's Map Pouch: The Age of Mortals, The War of the Lance is beautiful to look at and filled with ah-ha moments—when I'm finally able see where I've been reading. I had one disappointment: no map of Xak Tsaroth. As a DM and graduate of many, many readings of Chronicles I've been looking forward to that location. Players often need a dose of humiliation and Xak Tsaroth is a good way to deliver that. But Krynn is such a large place and the maps in this set are so good I quickly forgot about Xak Tsaroth.

All the maps have a healthy dose of Tasslehoff humor. Don't skip any text on these maps—each packs more than it's fair share of chuckles. The "Claren Elian" map is beautifully colored and has what every fantasy hound loves to see: suspended walkways over a bottomless pit. Nothing beats a bottomless pit on a map.

"Dargaard Keep" and the "Tower of Palanthas" maps are detailed enough to use for reference but have enough levels un-mapped so a DM isn't constrained. The best maps inspire more adventure. Those parts of Legends that take place in the Tower of Palanthas and Dargaard Keep really came alive in new ways once I saw this map.

"Kendermore" is a fun map, and reminiscent of my son's "Where's Waldo" books. Look for the Burrfoot House (in the map key just below "Gnome Ayslum"). It's easy to imagine nearly everything of value in Krynn finding its way to and from Kendermore. Note to DMs: if you're players abuse any powerful items there's hundreds of places to lose something here!

"Silvanesti Nightmare" is appropriately haunting and captured my imagination for the longest. I enjoyed those parts of the War of the Lance story and this map does justice to the horror Silvanesti became.

"Ansalon in the War of the Lance" is another reason to buy two copies of this map set. Fold one up to tuck into books that deal with the Age of Despair. The map is both comprehensive and funny (Port Balifor's note: "Fizban says this is an anagram for Bipolar Fort but I'm not sure what he means. Maybe it's Khurish or something").

Seeing the "Inn of the Last Home" map quickly made up for the "missing" Xak Tsaroth map. I can't wait for the release of Dragon's of Autumn now!

"Haven" is wonderfully detailed. If you're a DM and looking for a detailed urban setting to adventure in while waiting for Dragon's of Autumn there's enough detail in this map for a nice urban adventure. Until seeing this map I didn't appreciate the size of Haven.

The "Flying Citadel" map was another 'ah-ha' map for me. It's very easy to look at this and see Tasslehoff 'steering' the citadel as it flies around. D&D players would do well to study this in advance of any adventures using this setting. DMs are advised to read up on the rules for falling.

The "Thorbardin" map attests to the depths and size of this location. The map is scaled in miles and stretches from Northgate to Southgate to the Valley of the Thanes.

"Skullcap" has a side view showing the rock with numbers corresponding to locations on the level maps. There are three levels here, with a total of 36 keyed locations. Teleporters on level three are nicely mapped out as are the invisible walls and bridges on level two.

Finally... the poster map—the reason I bought two copies of this incredible map set. Sean Macdonald's talents are evident when you consider the amount of information on this map without it being overwhelming. This is the map I'll hang on my office wall and reference when I read Chronicles and Legends. Again. (How do those get better with each reading?)

So... there you have it. Twelve reasons to pick up a copy of Tasslehoff's Map Pouch: The War of Lance. Thirteen if you count the need for a separate copy so there's a map of Ansalon on your home office wall. Looking these maps over is going to quickly lead to that burning desire to re-read Age of Despair books again.

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