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Reviews of 'Legends of the Twins'

Legends of the Twins

by Aaron Rosenberg, Margaret Weis, Chris Pierson, Tracy Hickman, Seth Johnson
d20 Dragonlance Sourcebooks, Volume 8

Reviews of 'Legends of the Twins'

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Reviewer: Archangel21

Rating: Stars

Chapter 1: Characters

Chapter One outlines themes in the Dragonlance Settngs, describes different traits that a character can possess, and shows new feats, revised stats for the Mariner class, and the Knight of the Devine Hammer Class.

This chapter seems to lack nothing. It descriptions of the different traits was wonderful and really outlines what different traits will do to your character. The Knights of the Devine was another favorite of mine, it showed off what the elite was during the reign of Beldinas.

Chapter 2: The River of Time

This Chapter gives us the basics of time travel, parallel histories and characters, spells based off of the River of Time, magical items, and sacred artifacts.

Chapter two is a very useful chapter as it helps explain how the River of Time works. Personally time travel gave me a big headache, but this chapter helped to clear up the confusion.

The spells seem pretty useful, though I cannot seriously comment on them because I am not a gamer.

The different magical items and artifacts presented in this chapter were really nicely written and each seemed very useful and could add a new depth to your adventure.

Chapter 3: Eras of Legend

The Eras of Legend chapter deals with the different locals visited in the Legends trilogy; including Istar, the Dwarfgate wars, and even the Abyss. Included in this chapter are stats for the major characters during the time.

The sections of this chapter that deal with the different locals are great. They really add a depth to what you already knew and are very useful. The adventure hooks provided at the end of each section are well thought out and can be easily implemented into a game, and seem to be very fun to play.

My only problem with this chapter is that the timeline goes to after Legends, yet some of the articles are written in a pre-Legends time, it seems to mess with the over-all flow in my mind.

Chapter 4: Alternate Krynns

Chapter four takes certain points in history and shows us what the world would be like if another path was taken. What if the Kingpriest gained immortality? What if mages ruled Krynn? What if the Heroes of the Lance failed? All of these and more are answered in this chapter. Not only do you see alternate histories, but also different versions of characters we know and love, and even stats for these characters.

If I had to give you one reason to get Legends of the Twins, it would be this chapter. The possibilities it provides are spell-binding and really makes you think about those 'little' events that actually caused the course of history to change.

Each alternate history describes what has happened in this history, a timeline, different organizations, places, adventure hooks, and stats for major characters included in this time. These are all wonderfully written, well thought out, and really makes these alternate Krynns come to life.

Chapter 5: Legendary Wars

As the title of the chapter proclaims, chapter 5 deals with Legendary Wars. These wars are the Lost Battles, The Dwarfgate Wars, and the Blue lady's War. Each one of these sections comes with the back story to the war, who took part in it, and even how big the forces were.

This was another wonderful chapter as it showed off how big the forces were in major battles and even included maps to show troop movements.

Chapter 6: A Legends Campaign & The Anvil of Time

Chapter 6 helps you set up your own Legends adventure using adventure hooks and ideas presented to you.

The Anvil of Time is an adventure by Tracy Hickman that takes your PC through different eras and allows you to meet different famous characters.

I cannot rate these two sections because I am not a gamer.

Final Thoughts

Many times non-gamers are skeptical on getting these source books as they think it will only appeal to the gamer side of Dragonlance. Legends of the Twins proves that point wrong. This is a wonderful book that gives you insight into different happenings in Krynn's past. I would love to give it five stars, but because of the problem I stated about, Legends of the Twins gets 4 ½.

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