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Reviews of 'The Legend of Huma #5'

The Legend of Huma #5

by Trampas Whiteman, Richard A. Knaak, Sean J. Jordan
Legend of Huma Adaptation, Volume 5

Reviews of 'The Legend of Huma #5'

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Reviewer: Cassandra Jacobs

Rating: Stars

The Cover

Lovingly designed by Joe Prado, this image of a battle worn Huma is not at all significant of the story inside. The raging fires reflected off his armor are definitely a sign of what's in the future for the forces of good.

Interior Art

Ok, the opening panel of Magius laughing and looking like a deranged clown certainly doesn't make me want to continue. I'm a little creeped out by that.

With the artwork done by only one artist this time (as opposed to three in the previous issue), the story itself flows much smoother and consistently throughout. Andrea Di Vito does a very good job for most of the panels, but there are still a few captures of Magius looking weird and creepy.

The almost full page image of Magius' citadel was amazing, I must admit. Makes me wish we had a Tower that looked like that.

The Storyline

Fortunately, this story doesn't fall into the trap the previous issue did, with its jumping all over the storyline between panels. I was a bit disappointed though that the entire storyline for this issue consists of Huma and Kaz's travel to the citadel of Magius (and a few encounters not really worthy of note during the trip) and then conversations with Magius within his tower. Personally, I felt like they took an entire comic to cover two "events" that could have been handled in a much shorter amount of space. And on the converse side of that, they spent very little time in other parts of the storyline (in previous issues) that should have had more space dedicated to it.

The story does move forward, albeit very slightly. Through Magius, Huma learns a bit about his friend's past, and gains some information on the minions of evil, especially Galan Dracos, who appears to have a personal vendetta against the mage.

Overall Impression

I felt that there were too many ads in this issue specifically, which shortened the story more than necessary and also detracted from my enjoyment. But that being said, I enjoyed this issue, as the general flow of the comic and the style between the art and writing was very smooth and well done.

I am very disappointed though, that this is the last issue. Regardless of my complaints and critiques, I enjoyed reading these, even multiple times. I looked forward to my trips to the comic store to hunt down the newest issue. I am very sorry to see the work of Whiteman, Jordan, Miller, Rael, and many others, and most notably Richard Knaak, the original author of The Legend of Huma, put to bed long before reaching its conclusion.

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