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Reviews of 'The Legend of Huma #3'

The Legend of Huma #3

by Trampas Whiteman, Richard A. Knaak, Sean J. Jordan
Legend of Huma Adaptation, Volume 3

Reviews of 'The Legend of Huma #3'

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Reviewer: Cassandra Jacobs

Rating: Stars

The Cover

Wow. This is by far the best cover art yet. Well, I don't think anything can outdo Kaz's nipple ring, but overall, this is the best I've seen. Huma atop the silver dragon, in air, fully armored and carrying a shining lance of dragonsilver. In the background are a red dragon and two others of indeterminate color. The light shines off the silver scales while Huma's red cape flutters in the wind. It's a great action shot.

I dislike the glowing yellow eye of the silver dragon though. It looks somewhat alien and monstrous, not part of the dragon that we're expecting. She looks evil and far more alike to the chromatic dragons behind her.

And why is she breathing a bolt of lightning? Silver's don't breathe electricity... it's either frost or paralyzing gas. Someone didn't do their homework.

In general though, a great piece of art. Detailed, lifelike, and emotionally jarring.

The Interior Art

I really like the use of color in this issue. It's most noticeable in the battle on the first few pages, mainly with the chromatic dragons battling the knights.

In the latter few pages, Huma is working on guard. These pages are very dark, and the colors are well muted, signifying a late dusk time period. I thought that this was a great use of dark colors, without being too overwhelming in regards to blacks, whites and grays.

Details are again amazingly well done, although I do have to question why Gwyneth has DD breasts.

The Storyline

The comic starts off with a battle between knights and an evil army supported by chromatic dragons of all five colors. Huma falls in battle, but isn't killed. Instead, the story brings us to his sickbed, where he is recuperating in the Solamnic camp. His caregiver is Gwyneth, an elven healer. Even from their first meeting, it seems that Huma is quite smitten with her beauty.

Kaz has been developing trust within the knighthood, although it is difficult. He provides information about the enemy, knowledge he has since he once served under the evil army.

After healing, Huma finds himself on guard duty for the evening. Pursuing suspicious lights and missing sentries, he encounters some evil humanoid being, who appears to have been searching for him, claiming that "Dracos will be pleased". Huma finds himself battling the stranger and then encounters the mage Magius.

I was hoping Magius would make an appearance soon. I was very near the end of the comic when I expressed out loud that I hadn't seen Magius yet, and there he is, in fully shining glory on the last page. Of course, he's not the one shining... his staff is.

The story has a good mix of plot buildup in regards to the romance between Huma and Gwyneth, as well as action in regards to the battle at the beginning of the comic, to the confrontation at dusk at the end. You can slowly see Kaz becoming accepted by the knights, although it is obvious there is still a long way to go. Kaz himself continues to express displeasure with the knighthood in general, although he claims that Huma is obviously different from the other knights around him.

Gwyneth comes off as a mysterious and alluring figure, one which very little is known about, yet leaves the reader wanting to delve into her story and her part in this epic. There is little to hint about this though, although a perceptive reader will see that Huma's desire runs deep.

Overall Impression

The story is moving ahead, slowly, but never losing the attention of the reader. Several plot lines are building, which helps create a far more in-depth story than one might anticipate. The reader is left wondering who Dracos and Magius are, what their roles are in this game. Also, what is Gwyneth's role, and where does the silver dragon from the first two issues figure into this story?

I look forward with eagerness to issue 4.

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