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Reviews of 'The Legend of Huma #1 (Cover A)'

The Legend of Huma #1 (Cover A)

by Brian Augustyn, Richard A. Knaak, Sean J. Jordan
Legend of Huma Adaptation, Volume 1

Reviews of 'The Legend of Huma #1 (Cover A)'

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Reviewer: Cassandra Jacobs

Rating: Stars

I'm here to talk about the newest new release, "The Legend of Huma", in comic edition! Imagine that! Dragonlance comics!

The Cover

A great picture, done by Mike S. Miller. Huma, Kaz, and the silver dragon behind them. Of course, the old school Dragonlance logo at the top just gives this comic a beautiful classic look, as well as filling the reader with a wave of nostalgia. There are some good details in the picture, although not enough to make it a "flat on your butt" work of art. There's feathers in the winged helmet, faint insignia on the armor, and a Knight of Solamnia sigil on Huma's shoulder.

And of course, the epitome of awesome... Kaz has a nipple ring. Unf.

Interior Art

All the interior art is in color, which is always an added bonus. Most of the storyline is done in very dark tones though, due to the bulk of it taking place at night. There's been a lot of care taken in regards to details, such as portraying two moons, scales on the armor, and even hair on Kaz's chest. I really do find that disturbing you know. A minotaur is furry... not furry with dark hair on his chest. That's really odd. He's also a lot more "cowlike" than I'd expect, mainly in the face. Of course, the very horse/cow-like legs, even with the reversed knees emphasizes this as well. Kaz doesn't have the nipple ring in the comic. That makes me sad.

The silver dragon shown at the end of the comic is beautifully done. The coloring actually portrays the silver concept very well, although the wings look somewhat mottled. The artist definitely took into account the traditional facial features of the silvers as well.

The Storyline

It's hard to give a good assessment of the story, as this is only Issue 1. It introduces the main characters Huma and Kaz, as well as the Knights of Huma's faction. The general attitude of the populace towards the Solamnics is obvious from the first pages, and the poverty and hardships are evident among the peasants.

The meeting between Kaz and Huma is well done. The surprise of the knight when he faces the minotaur and how he handles this meeting is very convincing, already showing Huma to be more open minded and accepting than his fellow Knights.

Ending with the appearance of the silver dragon before Huma and Kaz, it is obvious how the sequel will begin.

Overall Impression

I found that the story built well and appeared to be a very concise and captivating introduction to the series. With the input of Richard Knaak, the original author of The Legend of Huma, this is bound to be a wonderful adaptation from novel to comic. I know that I'm looking forward to picking up Issue #2.

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