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Reviews of 'War of the Twins'

War of the Twins

by Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman
Legends, Volume 2

Reviews of 'War of the Twins'

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Reviewer: AriannaLisa

Rating: Stars

I just recently finished this book. I new i would love this series because my favorite character is Raistlin, surprisingly enough, and this trilogy is all about him. I believed this book to be excellently written and the plot to be very intriguing. The way the wrote it, i liked Raistlin even more because of the way he was portrayed. He was at times evil and at times good at times human and a time a power hungry mage. That's all i can say about that without giving away the book. The way they played Caramon was also interesting, he was a loving twin but was slowly realizing Raistlin's evil. The development of Tas was great, he became more and more sincere and serious but still keeping his kender ways. I kinda disliked Lady Crysania, but that was just a matter of opinion. All in all, this was a great book rivaling the greatness of the DragonLance Chronicles. I shall say no more but let you go and get the book for yourself to read. But i fell into the world of Krynn and didn't come out untill i finished the book so i say all fans should read this book.

Reviewer: Dark One

Rating: Stars

Ok, this may not be the only book about Raistlin but I love this book as it helped me understand DL's "primere character". From Autumn Twilight to Legends I, I kinda liked Raistlin because he was so cool with his powers and all... But after this book I HATED RAISTLIN! Damn it, he could've just moved in with Caramon and Tika togehter with Crysania but he had to break his brother's heart, the brother who loved him so much. I mean he didn't give a crap for his brother! One of the highlights of this book is the camaraderie between the twins, though. It was kinda touching how they were able to work together at least temporarily, but the selfish Raistlin just stabbed Caramon in the back and almost killed the man.

I love this book mainly due to the short, pleasant bond between the twins and it somehow made me feel I should treat my brother better (honest! I know it sounds kinda corny though). After the first chapter featuring Tasslehoff in the book, I couldn't help but say to my brother:" quick! Grab your pouches and hoopak and put on a pair of blue leggings! Grow a topknot and I'll grab my gods-endowed celestial swords, we're going on a huge adventure through time!!!"

Reviewer: Felix

Rating: Stars

War of the Twins is the second book in the Legends Trilogy by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. We are now deeper into the story of Caramon and Raistlin Majere's defining story. They have a great battle ahead of them, as they are flung forward in time. But the battle is not only against their enemies, but against themselves.

War of the Twins is a great improvement from Time of the Twins. This volume had a more captivating plotline that included much more battles and action.

It was also a more suspenseful novel. There were many instances where it seemed the story could no longer go on because of the many surprises in the book. Nothing was certain, even to the very end.

The way the story plays itself out is amazing. We are almost reading two stories at once, because we are seeing two histories play out differently.

Fistandantilus' fate is known to us. We know he fails, but what exactly happened we are not sure. That story is played out at the same time as Raistlin's, who is trying to achieve victory where Fistandantilus failed.

Both their stories are happened before us. Where Fisty did something wrong, we can see Raistlin do it right. It's a great way to describe two things at once.

Raistlin's ambition is fully blooming in War of the Twins. He is ruthless, and blinded by the fact that what he is doing is blasphemy. How can he possibly succeed? Caramon Majere is showing that he is great at being a fool. I don't like this Caramon. He has hit rock bottom. He cannot complete what he has been sent to do. He is completely under control his brother's will, as he has been since we saw him in the Chronicles. He has not changed, but he better soon.

The book goes along at a great pace. Quite a bit more happens in this book than in the first volume of the series. More choices are made, more actions are taken, and more battles are fought. The book never dragged on. It kept you enthralled, and never wanting more.

If there is one injustice that this book does is its ending. It's not that it's not good, or expected. It's the fact that it's a cliffhanger. You read the last word, and wonder where the rest of the book went. The ending makes you think. Why did it happen? What happens now? Many questions are left unanswered and at the right time. When everything seemed in place, something turns it upside down. Test of the Twins the final installment is going to be a great one. I can smell it.

As we await for the final volume of the Legends Trilogy, we can only wonder about what will happen. Nothing is certain and anything can happen. We await the fate of Raistlin and is quest for godly status. We wonder if Caramon can overcome personal struggles. We debate on whether Crysania can find a way to understand her purpose and her faith. And with Tasslehoff, nothing is certain!

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