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Reviews of 'Night of Blood'

Night of Blood

by Richard A. Knaak
The Minotaur Wars, Volume 1

Reviews of 'Night of Blood'

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Reviewer: Carteeg Struve

Rating: Stars

This book was my first experience into looking at Richard Knaak's minotaur nation on the continent of Ansalon. So far, let me state that I'm impressed. On the cover it states this is Volume One of a series, so don't go into this one expecting it to be a stand alone. But then again, considering all of the DragonLance (DL) novels that have comes before it, this isn't really the true starting point either. But Knaak gives a history of the minotaur race prior to the actual story which fills gives DL newbies most of the required information needed before stepping into this series. Not being a newbie however, I can only guess he did a decent job in describing what needs to be known to those who haven't read anything in DL before.

I've read several but not a large number of secondary authors for DragonLance (Hickman and Weis being the first tier). Up until now Mary H. Herbert was the only one I had a large amount of respect for, even though Jean Rabe has partially redeemed herself with the recent Dhammon Saga. To my pleasure, Richard A. Knaak has just been put up on that list as well.

The overall story flow is consistant with only a few minimal lulls in the action, and his characters are well defined and shown to be individuals different from each other even though 'cultural commonalities' can be seen in all of those in the minotaur nation. Most importantly, even though 'The Minotaur Wars' are about fighting and manuvering for power, much of the plot is character driven by strong characters that one could believe will be read about by students of history in the future of Krynn. There are times where one has to catch oneself reading this or else find themselves rooting for the wrong side (especially at the end of this first volume).

Now, I've seen this book advertised as the first post-War of Souls book. In reference to my review title, I want to state that although I get the feeling this series will lead into the times after the War of Souls, from what I can gather this one volume takes place primarilly slightly before and during Mina's War. The book covers something like five or six months worth of time (estimate), so I have no doubt the series will go into and past the event alluded to the DL readers at the end of War of Souls.

Yes, I'm doing what I can to avoid talking about the plot. You've already got the summaries up above for that. But I will state that this first volume of the series not only has me interested in the rest to be released, but I'm going back and finding Knaak's other novels in DragonLance to see what I've missed (specifically 'Reavers of the blood Sea' and 'The Legend of Huma').

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