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Reviews of 'Redemption'


by Jean Rabe
Dhamon Saga, Volume 3

Reviews of 'Redemption'

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Reviewer: Cassandra Jacobs

Rating: Stars

The third and final novel in the Dhamon Saga, this story follows the fallen hero on his quest to save himself. Inextricably bound to the sivak draconian through trust, loyalty and friendship, Dhamon begins to search for a way to redeem himself by saving his companions, even the Knight of Solamnia, who turns on him at the end.

Dhamon finds himself caught up in a very deep and intense plot involving the shadow dragon; the same one who broke the red dragon's hold over the hero some time past. Now, instead of being under Malys' control with the red scale embedded in this thigh, the dark black scale shot with silver is growing, sprouting smaller scales on Dhamon's body. The shadow dragon offers him a cure, but at a high price... slay Sable, the black dragon overlord, and ensure the safety of his child and the removal of the scale.

Fully expecting to die, Dhamon agrees to take on the immense black overlord. But partway through, he refuses, and in rage, plots to force the shadow dragon to save him and swear to leave his child alone. With the help of Ragh, the sivak, Maldred, the ogre mage, and Fiona, the insane Knight, Dhamon finds out how deep the plot runs. And it may cost him his soul if he doesn't stop it.

Filled with non-stop action and many surprises, this book is a great conclusion to a plot that began in the first novel Downfall. The reader has no idea how deep it runs though, and the major storyline gets pushed to the back many times for minor storylines... but it never gets overshadowed or forgotten. Through it all, Dhamon learns about himself, about betrayal among those he trusted, about responsibility for those around him, and how to trust again.

Review made August 12th, 2004.

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