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Reviews of 'A Warrior's Journey'

A Warrior's Journey

by Tonya C. Cook & Paul B. Thompson
The Ergoth Trilogy, Volume 1

Reviews of 'A Warrior's Journey'

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Reviewer: Luni

Rating: Stars

This is my first review and I choseed one of the best Dragonlance novels to write about. This book relates us the story of a young man that ascends from farmer to protector of the ergothian empire, sometimes with luck, others with skill. This book gives us a full view of the empire, from the emperor imself to the peasants. It also brings us a story of love that I hope will end in fortitude. The people that will read this story shall love it and cherish it as the begining of one of the most fantastic tales of the Dragonlance world. I just hope that the next books will agree with my expectations...

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