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Reviews of 'Dragons of Winter Night'

Dragons of Winter Night

by Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman
Chronicles, Volume 2

Reviews of 'Dragons of Winter Night'

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Reviewer: Matt

Rating: Stars

Attempting to review Dragons of Winter Night for its content on a website such as this is a futile endeavor. Simply, the chances that anyone would be reading this review if you haven't already read THE trilogy that includes Dragons of Autumn Twilight, Dragons of Winter Night and Dragons of Spring Dawning, are quite slim. Of the three novels in the trilogy, Dragons of Winter Night is certainly my favorite of the three and one of my favorite Dragonlance books, despite—or perhaps because of—the events at the High Clerist's Tower at the end of the book and the way that many of the characters really develop during the darkest depths of the winter.

That being said, Dragons of Winter Night receives five stars in my book based on the storyline and the content of the novel. However, since the hardcover edition of Winter Night will be released shortly, this review will focus on the edition itself and not on the content of the book, since that has been consistent for the nearly 20 years it's been in print.

The differences between the hardcover edition of Dragons of Winter Night and the first edition paperback that I have in my library are minimal. Despite its larger printing, the hardcover is only 362 pages—nearly 40 pages shorter than the original paperback. All of the interior artwork of the original has been preserved, with the exception of the artwork on the pages that separate the novel into different "books." The map at the front of the novel has been updated, and is much larger and cleaner.

To the chagrin of many fans of the original, the cover artwork is the Matt Stawicki art that graces the covers of all the other recent hardcover "core" books and not the Larry Elmore pieces found on the original covers.

Aside from the minor changes listed here, the reprinted Winter Night is very much the same as the original. The book has one or two typesetting errors that should have been caught in the proofing stage, but nothing significant.

Ultimately, though, the question is whether or not you should add this edition of Dragons of Winter Night to your collection. If you're the consummate Dragonlance collector and you'd like to see hardcover editions of the Chronicles, Legends, The Second Generation, Dragons of Summer Flame and the War of Souls next to each other on your bookshelf, then certainly add it to your collection. If you're a first time reader, or are buying the books as a gift for someone who is a first time reader, then the hardcover edition would be an excellent choice as well. However, if you've already read the books, then you have to decide if the new cover artwork, the hard cover, and quality paper are enough to justify the price of the new edition.

In any case, this edition of Dragons of Winter Night will be handsome addition to any Dragonlance collection—especially on a shelf next to the other volumes in the Chronicles and War of Souls series.

Reviewer: Matthew Burke

Rating: Stars

i was really inpressed with this book it is a great second part to the first book. the authors do an excellent job of developing the charicters in the book.

the war is still on and the dragon armies are winning. the hatred between humans and elves boils to the point of war. the companions are split into two groups in search for the fabled dragon orbs, which give the user the power to control dragons (if it doesnt kill him first). along the way the horrors of nightmares come true for the companions as each is shown images of death and betrayal. the war has shifted and times are dark but the sacrafice of one man gives hope to the people.

i read the first book in this series in one week and after i was done i read this one and the next one and i have to say this trilogy is one of the best stories i have read.

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