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Reviews of 'The Eve of the Maelstrom'

The Eve of the Maelstrom

by Jean Rabe
Dragons of a New Age, Volume 3

Reviews of 'The Eve of the Maelstrom'

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Reviewer: Morten Brattbakk

Rating: Stars

I bought and read Eve of the Maelstrom in anticipation after the great The Dawning of a New Age, and the terrific Day of the Tempest, which I easily rank among my top 5 non-Weis & Hickman Dragonlance novels.

Already on the first page came the let-down. "It isn't your time to die yet," Riverwind says to Goldmoon. "Of course it is your time to die," I groaned in despair "You are almost 100 years old, over-used as hell, not to mention the fact that you were cut in two at the end of the last book."

And then the heroes started fighting Knights of Takhisis. The battle scenes were well written, but when the heroes manage to kill dozens of knights when outnumbered at least 5 to one without suffering a single casualty themselves, it got a bit too unrealistic for my taste. Some stealth, wit, and such (such as sneaking aboard ships and setting fire to them) would have been a much better way to handle this.

Then they went out to Dimernost, where Feril (who seemed to have an unlimited amount of magical energy to spend while transforming herself into several creatures) acquired the Crown of Tides. If she had to get to an air-pocket because she was running out of strength, unable to keep her shape as a sea-breathing creature, that would have been much more exciting and better than if she just had to get to air so that she could be able to talk.

Then they killed the dragonlord Brine in an OK sequence.

The fact that the SS was really working for Malys was not surprising at all. (I have always thought that she *is* Malys, and who knows, there might still be possibilities for that.) I smelled the trap set for Palin a long way.

And then came the climax, in which nobody died. (When all is summed up.) That was very unrealistic, suicidal as the mission was. Also, while I hadn't expected (nor wanted) any of the 5 Dragon Overlords to die, nor any gods to return, the trilogy ended with too many loose ends. Just about nothing was accomplished.

All in all, while the book was not a terrible read, the features above detracts a lot from the book, and from the rest of the series as well. This is sad, considering the quality of the first two.

Eve of the Malestrom would have been much better if Dhamon had continued to be the damned character he was, sinking even deeper andGoldmoon had stayed dead.

Review made on Friday May 1st, 1998 on the newsgroup.

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