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Reviews of 'The Dawning of a New Age'

The Dawning of a New Age

by Jean Rabe
Dragons of a New Age, Volume 1

Reviews of 'The Dawning of a New Age'

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Reviewer: Felix

Rating: Stars

The Dawning of a New Age, by Jean Rabe, is the first book in a new series that takes place after the events of the Summer of Chaos. It tells the tale of the new powers that come to rule Krynn: the Dragon Overlords. I was very excited about this book because there have been so many mixed emotions and opinions about it. Many have liked it, and as many have hated it. It was my turn to find out!

This story moved at a very weird pace. The book started a little after the Summer of Chaos ended, but within a matter of chapters, we are sprung nearly thirty years into the future. I didn't like that. The jump was too quick.

There could have been more written about those years. The gap seems too big.

But after that, the pace slows and steadily continues. There are some small jumps in between, but they are reasonable. The perspective changed a lot, which sometimes becomes confusing but is eventually all straightened out to make you think, "Oh! That's what that meant!" There was a good deal of suspense because of this and it added to the story.

The one thing this story has is great hand-to-hand combats. They were long and strenuous, and were plenty exciting. There were many aspects to it, because there were many people involved and some unfamiliar foes. They were quite intense, with many instances where death seemed to be the only way out for the good guys. There were also some great dragon battles!

I had one big problem with this book and it wasn't the story. It was the map. It was a good map, but it wasn't fit for the story. There were so many small cities and villages in this story, but the map didn't show them. If you're going to have a map in the book, it should at least cover most of the areas the characters are going to explore. It was disappointing, because there was the potential for a wonderful map.

The nice surprise in the book was the interior art, for good reasons and bad ones. It had been a while since I read a Dragonlance book with full page art. They were quite nice and went along with what was happening with the story. On the other hand, the chapter art was dull and very, very repetitive. It was the same picture for all 36 chapters! All of them! I would rather have none. That was a disappointment.

I was impressed with this story. There had been a lot of negativity surrounding this story, but I was pleasantly surprised. The ending was especially good. It left you wondering where the rest of the pages were. It was that good. It was a shocker! A real shocker! You won't believe what you just read! It was a nice touch to the great story.

I could understand how many people could be disappointed with this story.

It is a much different type of story than what most Dragonlance fans are used to with Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. It is a much different writing style and Jean Rabe seems to take a more aggressive approach at moving the story along. The authors could not be any different at the way they tell their stories. Both are great and unique.

I am very excited to continue this series. The Dawning of a New Age was a great book and it impressed me quite a bit. It was a fast moving story with lots of twists and turns. I hope the next book, The Day of the Tempest is even better, because this series is off to a great start. The Age of Mortals is beginning to look like an age with great stories to tell!

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