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Reviews of 'Time of the Dragon'

Time of the Dragon

by David "Zeb" Cook
Source Books, Volume 9

Reviews of 'Time of the Dragon'

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Reviewer: Cassandra Jacobs

Rating: Stars

I never really had an interest in Taladas, but I picked up this boxed set for a real decent price. Reading through it was very interesting, and several of the unique land areas are very fascinating. I really enjoyed the Burning Sea and the Shining Lands. There are many similarities between Ansalon and Taladas, but some very large differences as well. There are the standard races, with slight to profound differences from those recognized from Ansalon.

Not much else to say about this boxed set. I found it entertaining and the artwork isn't bad. The maps are so large, they've been cut in half... requiring one to either tape them together or someone manage 2 very large 2x4 fold out sheets in order to see the entire continent of Taladas.

It's difficult to compare the pantheon and the belief structure of the races because it's supposed to be a different culture style from Ansalon. You can see some similarities in creation mythologies and beliefs (such as the dwarven and gnomish belief in Reorx and his hand in their creation), but others are very different. I found it very interesting how some ties to Ansalon were brought in... There's a colony of Silvanesti elves that have developed a culture in one area. Mentions of the graygem and Taladas being its original homeland are mentioned as well. The gnomes see the graygem as one of the greatest artifacts of all gnomish history.

I didn't care much for the lack of dwarven or kender influence in the books. It seems there's one centralized race of kender, who are very similar to the "afflicted" kender of Dragonlance's Fifth Age. They are disillusioned and paranoid, due to the disappearance of the gods following the Cataclysm. Dwarves live deep underground, farther than even the Ansalon dwarves and few have little, if anything, to do with the surface world. It seemed like with every page turn there was some sort of elven or human culture around the corner, while there were few dealings with kender and dwarves. While elves and kender are my preferred races, I would have enjoyed seeing more clans of kender and dwarves.

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