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Reviews of 'The Golden Orb'

The Golden Orb

by Douglas Niles
Icewall, Volume 2

Reviews of 'The Golden Orb'

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Reviewer: Cassandra Jacobs

Rating: Stars

The sequel to The Messenger, this book picks up the story eight years later. Like the prequel, the story is well done, covers the same characters, and again jumps between the tribal people (the Artkos and the Highlanders) and the ogre tribe of Winterheim. After their sound defeat and the loss of their sacred axe in the previous attack, the ogres are again plotting the destruction of Brakenrock and its human inhabitants.

This time around, the ogres have used the talents of the Alchemist to craft an explosive powder. Sealed inside an orb of gold, the ogres launch a second massive attack against the human settlement. With their weapon of mass destruction, the ogre victory seems imminent.

Mystery, in the form of the The Alchimist, honor, glory, and war, this book is full of action and page turning plot line. Not much else to add to it other than it's a great sequel to The Messenger.

Review made May 11th, 2003.

Reviewer: Craig J. Ries

Rating: Stars

I really liked this book: a nice, steady pace. More of the same enjoyable characters as the first volume.

Cover art is good (I like Brom's work :), and I think its evident to see that Niles is enjoying writing about a place that's never been explored before. Not as much progress, overall, in terms of character development though.

The development that the Alchemist being Kerrick's father was a great twist though.

Definately look forward to book three of this trilogy and how the humans finally do get the ogres off their backs, if at all.

Short, sweet, to the point.

Posted Tue, Feb 26, 2002 on the Dragonlance-L mailing list.

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