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Reviews of 'The Second Generation'

The Second Generation

by Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman
The Second Generation, Volume 1

Reviews of 'The Second Generation'

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Reviewer: Tasselmarsh Sothfoot

Rating: Stars

The Second Generation is like any of the other Weis and Hickman books, only the storyline of the book is broken down into an anthology of stories. Each of the stories is well written and keeps your interest, so it is an enjoyable book to read.

It works well in bridging the story of the companions with the story of their children. Its not a passing of the torch type story, thats what happens in Dragons of Summer Flame, its more of a story that tells you who the torch is being passed on to.

The book introduces the Knights of Takhisis, who later become the Knights of Neraka. It works well in exlaining their code and the type of group that they are, which is a rather unique one. By reading about them In the Second Generation you become more excited when you see them in action in Dragons of Summer Flame.

Overall it's a great book. There is not much suspense to it, but it helps the reader get associated with some of the crucial characters in the large Dragonlance Storyline.

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