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Reviews of 'The Doom Brigade'

The Doom Brigade

by Don Perrin & Margaret Weis
Kang's Regiment, Volume 1

Reviews of 'The Doom Brigade'

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Reviewer: John Ninness

Rating: Stars

I have been reading dragonlance novels off and on now for about 4 years. When I first saw "The doom brigade," I was a bit sceptical of the idea. Draconians were wild and vicious beings. And them trying to live a life was a bit to far fetched. But as I looked more into the book, I found out a lot about the draconians and I even came to like them more than other races. I still have to read "Dragons of summer flame" but will do so soon. In the book, one of the main characters Kang won my heart. The way he saw life is amazing and he knows a lot more than what he will show. I also found that he has to be, in my eyes, one of the most honourable, courages and interesting people in the whole Dragonlance stories.

I really recommend that if you want a different perspective on these "Warriors of the Dark Queen" than this book is a must read it will open your eyes.

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