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Reviews of 'Night of the Eye'

Night of the Eye

by Mary Kirchoff
Defenders of Magic, Volume 1

Reviews of 'Night of the Eye'

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Reviewer: Zafrir Grosman

Rating: Stars

Guerrand, a young boy from a noble family is tempted to join the magic orders and travel to Palanthas to learn at one of the greatest wizards ever born, Justarius. But things are not what it seems, and the plans of a more sinister wizard concern young Guerrand to be used as a pawn to a legendary prize on the Night of the Eye.

The book is rather good, and includes a lot of information on the methods of learning magic and the disciplines and order of magic in Krynn. The book continues to Night of the Eye which was introduced in Brothers Majere and does a wonderful job at that. A very satisfying read, want to continue and read the next books.

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