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Reviews of 'The Kinslayer Wars'

The Kinslayer Wars

by Douglas Niles
Elven Nations, Volume 2

Reviews of 'The Kinslayer Wars'

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Reviewer: Damien

Rating: Stars

For those who haven't read the Elven Nations Trilogy, you're missing out. The Elven Nations Trilogy is arguably the best trilogy/series of books in the Dragonlance Saga, and The Kinslayer Wars is the pinnacle of the trilogy.

While Firstborn was a magnificent read, The Kinslayer Wars is ten-fold more intriguing, more well-written and just more interesting. Douglas Niles does a wonderful job of balancing character development and plotline with detailed battle scenes and military perspective to give an almost real world military history perspective of the Kinslayer Wars.

Firstborn, the first book of the trilogy, did a great job of introducing the characters and the general plot. The Kinslayer Wars takes that work farther. Kith-Kanan, our protagonist, is finally beginning to realize just how disassociated his people can be from the rest of the world, especially after he takes a human as his wife.

Between some very frightening imagery involving General Giarna, and some terrific battles, Kith-Kanan slowly decides that Silvanost isn't all he originally thought when he was little more than a spoiled Elf-prince.

The book ends (spoiler here!) with a very simple closing, yet a very powerful one. Kith-Kanan is given the territories that the Kinslayer Wars were fought over and that is where the book ends, with Sithas and Kith-Kanan. For those who really need the closure of knowing what happens to Kith later on—pick up The Qualinesti. However, this book, if you've read Firstborn, can stand alone and the final book in the trilogy isn't a necessary installment to feel the closure of the story.

Overall, this book was truly amazing and a triumph for Douglas Niles (who has gone on to write many of the best Dragonlance books to date).

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