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Reviews of 'Flint, the King'

Flint, the King

by Douglas Niles & Mary Kirchoff
Preludes, Volume 5

Reviews of 'Flint, the King'

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Reviewer: Darlaten

Rating: Stars

Flint the King is an account of the activities of Flint Fireforge in the time period before the War of the Lance. During this time, the companions have gone their separate ways to seek news regarding the departed gods. Flint has made a comfortable life for himself in Solace. However, trouble is brewing in his hometown of Hillhome. Thus, Flint sets out on an adventure to discover the truth behind the rumours he has heard. What follows is an intense adventure full of derro dwarfs, gully dwarfs, magic, gods, romance, and sorrow. What do the gods say when a dwarf fights another dwarf?

This novel was an extremely interesting and informative novel. You get to delve more into the background of Flint. You meet his relatives and find out that Flint does have a romantic side to him.

There are hints of the upcoming War of the Lance as we find out who is supplying the "general" with weapons. The Drawf Realgar makes a cameo appearance. This helps in setting the time period of this book. For another book of Realgar - see Stormblade.

As mentioned above, there are gully dwarfs about. They appear to be more carring and intelligent in this novel. Having said that, they make for some extremely funny moments. Imagine Flint leading a gully dwarf brigade? With their help, can Flint save HillHome?

If you get the chance, pick up this book. It will make you laugh at many parts. It's informative about dwarfen culture/society. It definately should be in your lists of books to own.

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