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Reviews of 'Brothers Majere'

Brothers Majere

by Kevin T. Stein
Preludes, Volume 3

Reviews of 'Brothers Majere'

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Reviewer: Beth Edwards

Rating: Stars

I enjoyed this book somewhat, but found it slightly disappointing. The author wove a complex tale of cats vanishing and darkness threatening to overrun the city. The intricate mystery, involving many murderd ministers, had me begging for more, yet the bordome that hung over most of it made me constantly want to drop the book. Then Caramon or Raistlin, or even the kender, Earwig Lockpicker, would say or do something that would keep me reading.

I found the book a little confusing at times and felt the author left a few loose ends, though most of it was "tied up" in the end. Then again, it may just be me, forgetting these things.

Since Tasslehoff was not present, I felt the addition of a different kender (Earwig) lightened the serious situations to some degree. It also gave Raistlin something to insult and complain about in addition to Caramon.

Though I find most Dragon Lance books to be outstanding, no matter who wrote them, but I find this book is no better than your average book that you pick up of the library shelf.

Reviewer: Jeremy Cohen

Rating: Stars

An excellent book about the early years of the Majere twins prior to the War of the Lance. While on their travels, the twins make an unexpected detour to a the city of Melekar where the cats are disappearing. Things are not as they seem in the city, and allies are not always the allies that they seem to be. Can the twins sort out the mystery and find the person responsible for the disapearance and will the figure out why it is that the cats are disappearing. Hint: The Dark Queen Takhisis has something to do with this.

Reviewer: Zafrir Grosman

Rating: Stars

Caramon and Raistlin accept an offer to discover why the cats are disappearing from the city of Mereklar. It seems that cats have a fateful prophecy to fulfill in the future of the city and the world. The twins are faced with troubles and dark temptations from the Dark Queen herself.

A great adventure worthy of the name Dragonlance. I really enjoyed reading about the early adventures of Caramon, still the naive and kinda stupid young man, and weak Raistlin who discovers his dark purpose and wish for power. Very good read, you will not be disappointed.

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