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Reviews of 'The Gates of Thorbardin'

The Gates of Thorbardin

by Dan Parkinson
Heroes, Volume 5

Reviews of 'The Gates of Thorbardin'

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Reviewer: Darlaten

Rating: Stars

I wasn't looking for anything special when I started reading this book, but the more time I spent reading it, the more enticed I became.

The book opens during the time before the War of the Lance. People do not believe in the gods, and dragons are a thing of myth. However, rumous abound in and around the Drawven Kingdom of an army massing. Goblins, orcs, and hobgoblins are seen. One drawf, together with his companions, is destined to find a third, and hidden, entrance to the drawven kingdom. If this entrance falls into the enemy's hands, the drawven kindgom will surely fall.

This book provides a unique look into pre-War of the Lance times. Signs and omens of the upcoming war are provided. There are humorous points regarding the interaction between dwarves, humans, kender, and gnomes. You also have magic being intwined in the story: a red wizard, a renegage mage, an Irda, God-Stones, and a spell of Fistandantilus. Combine this with betrayal, love, and a "sane" gnome, and you have the makings of a wonderful book.

If you are interested in dwarves, this book is a definate read.

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