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Reviews of 'Kaz the Minotaur'

Kaz the Minotaur

by Richard A. Knaak
Heroes, Volume 4

Reviews of 'Kaz the Minotaur'

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Reviewer: God of Awesome

Rating: Stars

Kaz, the Minotaur is a great sequel. Kaz, a friend of Huma is being pursued by a band of minotaurs wishing to take him back to stand trial. He is also wanted by the Knights of Solamnia, his onetime allies. One of his greatest foes has resurfaced. Yet, as if that is not enough pain and suffering for poor Kaz, he also has a kender road companion (who does not).

This is a great book about Kaz and sticks to the character. We see how he reacts to his problems with the honor that he learned from Huma. Unfortunately, Kaz does not fit in anywhere. Kaz is a great character and deserves his own book. He develops quite nicely. Richard A. Knaak has really outdone himself.

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