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Reviews of 'The War of the Lance'

The War of the Lance

by Jeff Grubb, Douglas Niles, Margaret Weis, Dan Parkinson, Nick O'Donohoe, Nancy Varian Berberick, Richard A. Knaak, Tracy Hickman, Mark Anthony, Roger E. Moore
Tales, Volume 6

Reviews of 'The War of the Lance'

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Reviewer: Eric Stenger

Rating: Stars

This book is by far the best book ever written. Also the best book I ever read. Never before have I found myself so attached to a book and the characters as much as this one. I just could not put it down. Once I was finished with that book, I just buying and reading all Dragonlance books. I give all respect and admiration to Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis. As long as they keep writing, you can bet that Ill be there to read them. I found that the character development went very smooth, with many secrets about them at first, but it all unravels as time goes on. As for Flint and Tas, they are the best Duo out there. they always get me going. The plot is very well thought out and played out very good. And all the add-ons (before and after the War of the Lance) they all go together and would make for a great movie! (Hint, hint.) But I just want to thank the 2 authors who make this all possible. Thank You!

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