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Reviews of 'Dragons of Spring Dawning'

Dragons of Spring Dawning

by Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman
Chronicles, Volume 3

Reviews of 'Dragons of Spring Dawning'

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Reviewer: Matthew Burke

Rating: Stars

being that this was the last book in the trulogy , i was kind of afraid the authors would destory the story with a bad ending but i could not have been more wrong. in my opinion the autors completed the indevidual roles of the companions. they completely changed laurana's role in the war, they finally made raistlin what he was ment to be (by the way they continue the story of raistlin and the rest of the companions in time of the twins). we see how far lauarana and tanin's are willing to go for each other and how deep kitiara's thrist for power goes. i dont want to give away anymore of the book then i have already so i'll just tell you to read this book and the two before it, if you havent already.

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