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Sourcebooks, Video Games and Other Products

Other products that don't fall into any book-related category are listed here. These include the myriad miniatures, video games, board games, and other miscellaneous Dragonlance product that has been released over the years.


Typically, sourcebooks are gaming books that provide a 'feel' for the setting, or books that don't fit into other categories, particular books of artwork.

AD&D Adventure Gamebooks

Art Books

DL - Dragonlance Modules

DLR - Dragonlance Resources

Forgotten Realms

Leaves From the Inn of the Last Home

Source Books


Collectible figurines that can also be used on a battle map to model combat.

Other Products

Products listed here are not novels and don't fit into any particular category. These include cdice, videogames, board games, and any other unusual items.

Board Games and Other Games


D&D 3.5 Core Books

D&D Miniatures

Dragonlance Chronicles DVDs

Dragonlance Inspired Music

Dragonlance Movie Soundtracks

Dragonlance Young Reader Novels

Dungeon Magazine

Legends of the Lance Newsletter

Ral-Partha Miniatures

Spellfire & Trading Cards

Video Games

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