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Author, artist, and editor Stephen D. Sullivan has been working professionally in publishing since 1980. In those years, he has worked on staff at TSR, Pacesetter Ltd., and The Write Source. The rest of the time he has worked as a freelancer on books, games, and comics.

Okay, enough writing about myself in the third person. I'm not up to anything too serious or deep for a bio today, so...

Suffice to say that I was born in 1959, grew up in Massachusetts, attended SMU (U. Mass, Dartmouth), and moved to Wisconsin to work for TSR (the Dungeons & Dragons people) in 1980.

I've been here ever since, writing stories, drawing, and raising kids with my wife (who I've been with since 1980 as well).

I've had more than 30 books published (counting the anthologies and the ghost-written stuff only alluded to on this site). I also run a small publishing house, Walkabout Publishing.

In the near future, I hope to have a non-work-for-hire book or two published by one of the big NYC publishing houses.

Until then, I'm happy just to be making a living (if you can call it that), doing what I love.

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