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Quote of the Day

What is your favorite Dragonlance quote? Perhaps it's the moment of the final battle between Raistlin and Fistandantilus, or some pearl of wisdom in the befuddled wizard Fizban's arguments with a gold dragon.

We've compiled 365 quotes with help from all of you, and we show a new one on the site's home page every day of the year. If you missed a quote, you can view the quotes from last week in the list below.

Friday, June 22

"You didn't leave me in a pile of chicken feathers again?"
  —Fizban the Fabulous, Dragons of Summer Flame

Thursday, June 21

"I have little choice, it seems. Either I die at the hands of three wizards or I am to be sucked dry by a lich."
  —Raistlin Majere, The Soulforge

Wednesday, June 20

"Yes, he would. He would understand. He told me once that there comes a time when you've got to risk your life for something that means more than life itself. Don't you see, Sturm? If I fled to safety, leaving my friends behind, he would say he understood. But, deep inside, he wouldn't. Because it is so far from what he would do himself. Besides even if there were no Tanis in this world, I still could not leave my friends."
  —Laurana Kanan, Dragons of Winter Night

Tuesday, June 19

No road is ever old.
  —Kender saying, Dragons of Autumn Twilight

Monday, June 18

"The constellation known as the Queen of Darkness and the one called Valiant Warrior. Both are gone. She has come to Krynn, Tanis, and he has come to fight her. All the evil rumors we have heard are true. War, death, destruction..."
  —Raistlin Majere, Dragons of Autumn Twilight

Sunday, June 17

"Yes, if looks could kill, I know I'd be dead right now."
  —Caramon Majere, War of the Twins

Saturday, June 16

"How do you know the Graygem isn't controlling you? If it was it wouldn't be likely to tell you, now, would it?"
  —Usha, Dragons of Summer Flame