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Quote of the Day

What is your favorite Dragonlance quote? Perhaps it's the moment of the final battle between Raistlin and Fistandantilus, or some pearl of wisdom in the befuddled wizard Fizban's arguments with a gold dragon.

We've compiled 365 quotes with help from all of you, and we show a new one on the site's home page every day of the year. If you missed a quote, you can view the quotes from last week in the list below.

Saturday, April 29

"Anger is energy spent foolishly."
  —Kadagan, The Black Wing

Friday, April 28

"Have I murdered another of your pet kender?"
  —Raistlin Majere, War of the Twins

Thursday, April 27

"My people were hunting by night while yours were still trying to invent socks."
  —Fewmaster Toede, Lord Toede

Wednesday, April 26

"If kender were gods, the world would certainly be an interesting place. Though none of us would ever be able to find anything in it."
  —Astinus, Dragons of Summer Flame

Tuesday, April 25

"First the kender gets us charged with inciting a riot, then he disappears. Now the knight gets us thrown into prison. Next time, remind me to stick with the mage. I know he's crazed!"
  —Flint Fireforge, Dragons of Winter Night

Monday, April 24

"How many spells do you have?" Steel shouted over the roar of the wind. "One, but," Palin replied, after a moment, "It's a good one."
  —Palin Majere, Dragons of Summer Flame

Sunday, April 23

"Diplomats tell the truth! My dear Kina, the stars would fall from heaven and the gods would faint with horror if diplomats started speaking the truth!"
  —Sithel, Firstborn