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Dragonlance Nexus News Issue #57: 7/16/2007


Gang, we did it! The Nexus is in the running for the Ennies for Best Fan Site! For those not in the know, the Ennies are the big awards for the best in gaming.

Now, the bad news is that the Dragonlance Canticle didn't make best podcast. That's okay, as the competition there was pretty steep and the Canticle is just starting. My recommendation is Fear the Boot, but vote as you may.

Knightly Orders of Ansalon got an honorable mention for Best Production Values, so kudos there. I'm real proud of that. Unfortunately, that was it for MWP, except possibly a fan's choice award for best publisher.

So this is it, gang. This is our year to show the world what Dragonlance fandom is about. Let's get out there when voting opens up, and show them the passion of Dragonlance fans. Let's shoot for the Ennie for the Nexus and Margaret Weis Productions, and let's kick a little tail along the way.

Vote here:

Thanks, everyone, for the help on this and the support. You guys are the best. I'll shoot for a regular newsletter shortly.

Long Live the Lance!

Trampas Whiteman
Dragonlance Nexus