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Dragonlance Nexus News Issue #48: 8/1/2005


Greetings, friends and fellow companions, and welcome! Boy, have we got news for you this month! It seems that Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman have been quite busy, and when those two are in motion, you just know good things are to come. They'll be revisiting old friends and presenting us with new friends as well.

So grab your hoopaks, my friends. The portal to adventure awaits!


By now, you guys have heard about the Dark Chronicles trilogy – a new Weis and Hickman trilogy that fills in the story of Chronicles. Margaret Weis had the following to say on the trilogy.

"Here's the subjects of the three books: The first book will recount the never-told story of the heroes and the Hammer of Kharas. The second book will look at Winter Night from Kitiara's and Lord Soth's viewpoint. The third book will be the story of Raistlin taking the black robes and working for the Dark Queen in Neraka."

Dark Chronicles is due out summer of 2006. And that's not all that's in the works by these two...


I only caught a brief blurb about this in the Hickman Newsletter:

"Tracy Hickman Presents a series of Dragonlance novels written from all-new plots and characters created by me is currently in development."

No additional news is forthcoming on this project at this time. Keep watching the Nexus for more information.


Don't think that we've forgotten about Margaret! If you haven't picked up Amber and Ashes yet, you should. It's now out in paperback. I highly recommend this novel. It's the best solo work by Margaret Weis I've ever read.

Coming up in October is Sanctuary, book one of the Elven Exiles trilogy by Paul Thompson and Tonya Cook. If you want to see some of their other elven goodness (with Doug Niles), be sure to pick up the Elven Nations Trilogy gift set, out in September.

For the Young Adult series of books, there's Dragon Spell by Jeff Sampson, which is out now. Be on the lookout for Wizard's Curse by Christina Woods, book one of the Trinistyr Trilogy – out in September!


Don't think we've forgotten about the gaming fans! The long-awaited sequel to Key of Destiny is now out. Check your friendly local gaming store for Spectre of Sorrows!

Coming soon...Holy Orders of the Stars and Legends of the Twins! Holy Orders is going to give you a detailed look at the Holy Orders of the gods and go into how each race views the gods as well. And with Legends of the Twins...let's just say that this is a must-have for every Dragonlance fan.


Devil's Due Publishing is putting out the comic book adaptation of the Chronicles trilogy. First portion of the adaptation should be out in August, according to last reports.

Also, don't think that you've heard the last of the comic adaptation of The Legend of Huma! Though the series has been discontinued, there will be one more item that you guys should pick up. Adaptation by yours truly! More news on this down the road.


The Nexus recently sponsored a monster contest on the boards. Congratulations to Ravenmantle, who won the prize – a custom user title. You may now address him as Lord of the Lily.

We've also got some great new gaming rules, including all the monster contest entries, and an article on multiclassing in Dragonlance (with a handy chart for quick reference!). And though psionics are considered non-standard in Dragonlance, we have an article on using psionics in Dragonlance for psionics fans.

Plus tons of new artwork, and an updated product section with some classic products added (i.e. miniatures!).


Every time I think Dragonlance is slowing down, I'm proven wrong time and again. It just seems to get bigger and bigger.

That's all for now, guys. We'll see you soon in the Inn of the Last Home.

Long Live the Lance!

Trampas Whiteman
Dragonlance Nexus