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Dragonlance Nexus News Issue #47: 6/29/2005


Greetings, friends and fellow companions, and welcome!

I recently attended my 15-year high school reunion with Uncle Lockspringer this last weekend. It was good to see everyone, and amazing to see how people have changed and progressed in life. It was even a bit sad to see one face missing from our number.

There's something about reunions that make you think back on where you have been and where you're going. It's hard to believe that I've been working with the Nexus since 2001, that I've been able to work with Sovereign Press, and that I've had a chance to hobnob with some of the authors. Above all, it's been great knowing that what you do brings a little bit of joy to the lives of people.

Here's to friends of old and to new friends that we've all met along the way.


The Dragonlance Nexus is sponsoring a Creature Competition on the message boards. If you're not a member of the boards yet, be sure to sign up as this competition is going to be fun. The winner will get the coveted prize of a customized user title on the boards. It should be a lot of fun, so be sure to create a monster or template and join in on the festivities.

Also, we've had updates in our fan art, reference, and fan rules sections, including a group of elven assassins and a minotaur fighting style. Also, be sure to check out my Dragonlance Index, filled with info on where to find the feats, classes, and prestige classes of Dragonlance.

Also, we have another very special project going on too that we'll be telling you more about in upcoming months. Be on the lookout for that!


Spectre of Sorrows premieres at Origins, and copies will go on-sale everywhere within a few weeks. Holy Orders of the Stars and Legends of the Twins are both in the works as well.

Be sure to visit the Sovereign Press guys at Origins June 29 – July 3rd!


Love and War has just been re-released, now with a brand new cover. Also, Amber and Ashes is now out in paperback. Jeff Sampson is also bringing us another young adult book in the form of Dragon Spell, Book 8 of the New Adventures series.


Coming in August will be the long-anticipated comic book adaptation of the Chronicles trilogy, by Devil's Due Publishing. Also, there should be news coming soon about The Legend of Huma, so keep watching for that.


Until next time, my friends, I remain humbly yours...

Trampas Whiteman
Dragonlance Nexus