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Dragonlance Nexus News Issue #40: 6/1/2004


Greetings, friends and fellow companions, and welcome back to the Inn of the Last Home. I apologize for the lateness of this newsletter. It seems that it was held up in gnomish subcommittee.

Many events are occurring on the continent of Ansalon (and beyond!), including minotaurs, monsters, and mayhem. So grab your hoopaks, my friends. The portal to adventure awaits!


Sovereign Press has recently released the Bestiary of Krynn, by my friends of mine – Cam Banks and André La Roche. These guys have done a bang-up job updating some of your favorite monsters, providing gaming stats for monsters seen only in novels, and introducing you to a few new beasties as well.

Among the most popular critters (hey, I'm from Missouri) are the Noble Draconians, brainchild of Jamie Chambers. These are draconians created from the eggs of chromatic dragons during the last chaotic days of the War of the Lance. Yet the Dragonarmies didn't know that the laws of balance would dictate that these draconians follow the path of light. There's some fantastic art to accompany these guys as well. Check it out!

The much-anticipated adventure Key of Destiny has also been released. Be sure to pick up a copy, and delve into this new era after the War of Souls.

Towers of High Sorcery will be released at Origins later this month, followed by the Dragonlance Adventure Game and War of the Lance in subsequent months.


For those awaiting a Taladas novel, your wait is nearly over. Chris Pierson will be penning a trilogy on the second continent of Krynn.

Nancy Varian Berberick's Prisoner of Haven comes out this month. Next month, the long-anticipated Wizard's Conclave by Doug Niles will be released. Wizard's Conclave will detail much of what is going on with the Wizards of High Sorcery after the War of Souls.

Margaret Weis has given a few teasers for her upcoming book Ashes and Amber, the first book in the Dark Disciple trilogy centered on Mina. Among the characters are a monk, a character archetype not fully detailed in Dragonlance before, and a kender nightstalker. Margaret says that this new kender is nothing like Tasslehoff.


Issue #5 of the comic adaptation of The Legend of Huma will be hitting shelves this week, so check your friendly local comic store and have them reserve a copy.

In issue #5, Huma travels to the Citadel of Magius, where Magius reveals a secret to Huma that will change their relationship forever.

The legend continues!


The time has come again to travel the many roads of Krynn. These roads take us to new horizons, and even unto the far side of Krynn in the mysterious lands of Taladas. As old legends are re-told, new legends are being born.

Trampas Whiteman