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Dragonlance Nexus News Issue #39: 1/23/2004


Greetings, friends and fellow companions, and welcome!

Normally, I try to present more of a fact-filled newsletter, telling you about the latest novel and game releases, and other interesting notes that affect Dragonlance. Never fear, for you shall still get all this great info. However, I'm feeling especially nostalgic this time around, so I'll be talking about some very special anniversaries, including the 20th anniversary of Dragonlance!

So grab your hoopaks – the portal to adventure awaits!


It's hard to believe that Dragonlance is 20 years old. That's quite an accomplishment, and is testimony of the staying power of what I can only call an epic.

There has to be something special and magical about a setting to last this long. It is an epic of the highest level, and a worthy successor of Lord of the Rings. What began as the brainchild of Tracy Hickman has grown over the years to epic proportions, becoming Wizard of the Coast's best-selling novel line and a gaming line that has seen 4 editions (Dragonlance Adventures for 1st edition, Tales of the Lance for 2nd edition, the Dragonlance 5th Age boxed set, and the 3rd edition Dragonlance Campaign Setting).

From all of us on the Whitestone Council, congratulations to all the authors, game designers, editors, and contributors who have made Dragonlance the epic it is today.

Congratulations are also in order to the fans. For it is the fans who have kept Dragonlance alive for 20 years. Your love and dedication to the setting that invigorates Dragonlance, taking it to new heights.


My involvement with Dragonlance beyond simple fandom began in January in 2001 with the formation of the Whitestone Council and the birth of the Dragonlance Nexus.

At the time, the future of Dragonlance gaming was bleak. Wizards of the Coast announced that they would not continue producing a Dragonlance gaming line. It was at that time that the Whitestone Council formed, with the intent of supporting Dragonlance gaming and ensuring that it lived again with our Dragonlance Adventures 3rd Edtion (DLA3e) project.

Much time has passed since then, many things have changed, and the Whitestone Council has grown in its influence. Our work on the DLA3e project saw fruit when Sovereign Press gained the license to Dragonlance gaming. We were very pleased by this move, as it not only saw the rebirth of Dragonlance gaming, but in a printed format.

Not only that, but the future of Dragonlance gaming would be overseen by Margaret Weis herself.

What made this even more special was that Margaret wanted the Whitestone Council involved. Since this time, we've helped Sovereign Press with all their Dragonlance d20 products. Two of our members, Cam Banks and Andre' La Roche, will be getting cover credit with the upcoming Bestiary of Krynn (March release).

The Whitestone Council is the driving power behind three websites. The Dragonlance Nexus is the gaming site we put together under the watch of Tracy Hickman to promote Dragonlance gaming. is Sean "Kipper" Macdonald's all-kender website, giving you everything you ever wanted (or didn't want!) to know about kender. Be sure to check out his Kencyclopedia Kender Handbook, the greatest resource for kender on the web.

Our greatest accomplishment on the web lies with, the brainchild of Matt Haag. is the largest Dragonlance website out there, including product info, setting info, news, games, interviews, message boards, fan art, fan writing, fan rules, and tons of other goodies.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the Tobril, our bi-monthly e-zine and the unofficial successor of the Legends of the Lance newsletter. Luis De Pippo, Neil Burton, and Richard Connery put together this fantastic e-zine with tons of new setting and gaming info.

Plus, yours truly has now delved into the world of comic books with the upcoming Legend of Huma comic adaptation.

The members of the Whitestone Council have approached Dragonlance with a sense of honor and dignity and with the utmost love. They are my friends, companions, and above all – my heroes.

Est Sularus oth Mithas.


The Dragonlance Dungeon Master Screen is now available in stores. The screen has fantastic art by Larry Elmore, and includes a booklet to serve as a tool for dungeon masters.

Coming in March is the Bestiary of Krynn by Cam Banks and Andre' La Roche. I have to say, this book looks fantastic and will be hailed as one of the best 3rd party monster books out there.

In May, the long-awaited Towers of High Sorcery will be released, detailing all five of the Towers of High Sorcery for the first time! Many of your questions on wizards after the War of Souls will be answered here.

To celebrate 20 years of Dragonlance, Sovereign Press will be releasing War of the Lance!


The Legend of Huma has been re-released with fantastic cover art! Even though I owned a copy with the old cover, I had to have the new cover as well. The sequel, Kaz the Minotaur, will be re-released in July with a brand-new cover. Again, it looks like I'll be picking up a second copy!

In further Richard Knaak news, the paperback version of Night of Blood (book I of the Minotaur Wars) will be released in February. The Minotaur Wars will continue with Tides of Blood, due out in hardcover in April.

February also sees the release of The Wizard's Fate, book two of the Ergoth Trilogy by Paul Thompson and Tonya Cook.

Plus, the young readers adaptation of Chronicles is out as well, laying down the path for some original young readers novels.

I also wanted to mention one other novel coming out in July – Wizard's Conclave, by Doug Niles. Wizard's Conclave will be answering many of the questions fans have on wizards after the War of Souls.


The first issue of The Legend of Huma comic book adaptation is slated for release on February 4th! Be sure to tell your local comic book retailer to save a copy for you. Legend of Huma is done by Dabel Brothers Productions (DBPro) and is being published through Devil's Due.

As I mentioned above, I'm taking over the writing duties for this series starting with issue #3, due out in March. I've already turned in the scripts for issue #'s 3 and 4 and am now working on issue #5.

Adapting a novel is both easy and hard. It's easy in that the story is already told, and you just have to present it in comic book format. It's hard in that some elements from novels are hard to translate and you have to fill in the visual side of things.

The most enjoyable part for me is the battle scenes. I like getting pretty descriptive (while not being graphic), and showcasing some elements that don't get a lot of attention (such as copper, brass, and bronze dragons). The wizard battles are quite fun as well, and here you can see some of my D&D background slipping in.


My friends, this is a great time to be a Dragonlance fan. In the last year, we've seen a ton of growth between gaming, comics, and the new direction of the novels. The world of Krynn is changing, and there will be many new faces to meet and new adventures to follow.

It is a great time to be a Dragonlance fan.

Trampas Whiteman
Whitestone Council
Dragonlance Nexus