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Dragonlance Nexus News Issue #35: 7/21/2003


Greetings, friends and fellow companions, and welcome back to the Inn of the Last Home!

We've got DLCS updates for you, including some glimpses of the book itself. We will talk some on GenCon, and give you some details on Age of Mortals. Plus all the other great news surrounding the world of Krynn.

So grab your hoopaks, my friends. The portal to adventure awaits!


The big news this month, of course, surrounds the Dragonlance Campaign Setting. While the release date isn't until August, Sovereign Press managed to sell 200 advance copies at the Origins game fair. Also, Margaret had some advance copies she sold on her website, The advance copies through Margaret's site are all gone, but she will be getting more soon, so you should still be able to order.

The DLCS goes on sale at GenCon this week, as well as the Age of Mortals book. Be sure to stop by the Sovereign Press booth if you're attending.

If you can't make it, be sure to check out's news archives for some links to some DLCS previews! has several pics (including a wonderful centaur pic by Elmore).

There have been a few reviews of the DLCS as well. Please check's news archive for links to those reviews. Plus, Paladin has posted a review on the site as well.


Chris Coyle of Sovereign Press has passed along some info on the Age of Mortals companion book, which will be released at GenCon simultaneously with the DLCS.

According to Chris, there will be a new race – the half-kender. Also included is a new base class, the mariner, and several prestige classes:

  • Academy Sorcerer
  • Citadel Mystic
  • Legion Mystic
  • Legion Scout
  • Legion Sorcerer
  • Master Ambassador
  • Nomad Shaman
  • Rogue Knight
  • Solamnic Auxiliary Mage
  • Spellfilch
  • War Mage

Chris continues with the following:

"13 new feats, 2 new mystic domains, about 30 new spells, THE definitive timeline for the Fifth Age from any published product (man, even I cannot compete with Granak's timeline for sheer amount of detail, though... I'm limited by page count!), a slew of detailed locations, maps, specifics on what the gods are up to, Leeching magic and the effect of the loss of magic during the War of Souls, a LOT of Fifth Age iconic characters from the novels, new monsters, and some absolutely GORGEOUS artwork."


The Bestiary of Krynn, Sovereign Press' monster compendium for Dragonlance, is currently in the works. I'm proud to say that this book is being written by two very good friends of mine, Cam Banks and André La Roche. Cam and André have done a bang-up job serving on the Whitestone Council, and they continue to do so with the Bestiary.

Also, Chris Coyle is busy writing Key of Destiny, the first of a 3-part adventure trilogy, and the biggest gaming story arc since the original modules.


GenCon is being held in Indianapolis this year, and runs from July 24 – 27. Be sure to stop by the Sovereign Press booth this year and say hello to everyone there. Beyond the Sovereign Press guys, you'll see several of the members of the Whitestone Council, and I'm sure some other familiar Dragonlance faces as well. Sovereign Press will run some demo games for GenCon, so check that out.

If you've never been to GenCon, then you must go to Tracy Hickman's Killer Breakfast on Friday morning. Killer Breakfast is all about death, and has nothing to do with breakfast. Tracy kills 200 plus characters in just two hours time. Killer Breakfast is always a fun time, and an experience that no gamer should miss.

Also, be sure to check out the Dragonlance Reception. Each year, you get to meet some of the big names yourself, and get the latest Dragonlance news. Last year, we had a funeral for Bertrem. Yours truly spoke at his funeral, alongside such greats as Foryth Teel, the Queen of Darkness, and Fizban the Fabulous himself! Be sure to see what they have in store for this year.


In the wide world of Dragonlance novels this month, we have the long-anticipated hardcover version of Dragons of Winter Night.

Night of Blood, the first of the Minotaur Wars trilogy by Richard Knaak, is out in stores now. I'm currently reading this book, and it is fantastic. Take Dragonlance, some minotaurs, and a gallon of testosterone, fit it all into one book, and you have Night of Blood.

Also, Paul B. Thompson brings us The Middle of Nowhere. According to Paul, this book is loosely based off of The Seven Samurai. I've heard many rave reviews about this particular book.

Coming in August is City of the Lost, the first in the Linsha Trilogy by Mary Herbert. City of the Lost continues the story of Dragonlance beyond the War of Souls, and focuses on Linsha Majere, granddaughter of one Caramon Majere.

Also, Tracy Hickman says that he has finished up his portion of Annotated Legends, which will include a couple of new appendices. This is due out later this year.


Have you heard about the Tobril? It's's very own e-zine, created by Luis De Pippo, Neil Burton, and Richard Connery. Here's what you will find inside:

Roaming Krynn: The Gray Tunnel, by Neil Burton and Luis F. De Pippo Dragonbane and Clarion continue their hunt for the renegade Amon in the mysterious tunnels of the ancient Huldrefolk.

The Lost Towers: Artifacts of High Sorcery, by John Grubber What timeless marvels are to be found amongst the rubble of the Destroyed towers at Daltigoth and Losarcum?

Kender Corner: Fable of the Clockwork Kender, by Sean Macdonald Kender tales don't get much stranger than this shape-changing construct.

The Windrider: Elven Champions II, by Richard Connery A Prestige Class for this elite order of elven warriors.

The Animator's Circle: Deconstructing The Machine, by Neil Burton Opens the doors on this long-standing wizardly order, including the Animator of the Circle PrC and a selection of deadly constructs from the long History of Krynn.

Keeper of the Anvil: Krynnish Chronomancers, by Richard Connery A detailed treatment of chronomancy in Dragonlance, including rules for introducing time travel into your campaign, the Keeper of the Anvil PrC, and every spell of the chronomantic school.


Well, it has certainly been a busy month for Dragonlance! Every time I sat down to try to write this newsletter, there was more news to report.

We are all witness to something very special – the renaissance of Dragonlance. Dragonlance gaming has been reborn, and the novels are heading in new and exciting directions.

It just doesn't get better than this.

Long Live the Lance!

Trampas Whiteman
Whitestone Council
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