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Dragonlance Nexus News Issue #31: 2/25/2003


Greetings, friends and fellow companions, and welcome back to the Inn of the Last Home! I've got some special announcements this issue, and some new friends to introduce you to.

However, we should not tarry. Grab your hoopaks, my friends. The portal to adventure awaits!


Before I get too far into this newsletter, I wanted to pass along a message from a friend of mine.

Last issue, I told you the story of my friend who works at NASA. He's a very good friend, and a Dragonlance fan at that. The Columbia disaster hit him hard.

Many of you had e-mailed me wishing him the best of luck. I've passed along the e-mails I received, and he wanted me to tell everyone thanks. Certainly, he's a huge fan of the Legion of Steel, and the words of Steel Brightblade seem to fit quite well in light of this disaster.

"All we have is each other."


The following was sent from Jamie Chambers of Sovereign Press to Tracy Hickman, and has been seen in the Hickman Newsletter. Check out who has been contributing!

"Rules revisions have been completed on the DRAGONLANCE CAMPAIGN SETTING (otherwise known as the "DLCS") and the book is now in the hands of the editors at Wizards of the Coast. The rules revisions were very important, for not only will Dragonlance feature many never-before-seen elements to D&D 3rd Edition, but the product line will be one of the first to be fully compatible with the Dungeons & Dragons Revised rulebooks (nicknamed "D&D 3.5 in some circles) coming out earlier in the year. The last new work sent in by Sovereign Press last month was the map order. The DLCS should feature a new look at Solace and show the environs of the Lake of Death. (Readers of the War of Souls trilogy might be familiar with that location.)"

"The AGE OF MORTALS sourcebook will be published this summer along with the DLCS, a companion volume to provide players everything they need for a campaign set in the Fifth Age of Krynn, particularly the exciting new period following the War of Souls. The book features a haunting cover painting by Matt Stawicki, with full-color interior illustrations from Dragonlance vets including Larry Elmore and Jeff Easley. Authors Margaret Weis, Jamie Chambers, and Christopher Coyle continue writing and design with the help of Trampas Whiteman, Sean MacDonald, Cam Banks, and Andre La Roche of the Whitestone Council."

"Sovereign Press will be unveiling plans for the entire line of Dragonlance products for the year 2003 at the Game Manufacturers Association Trade Show in Las Vegas, Nevada next month. Keep watching and reading GAMES UNPLUGGED Magazine for previews, updates, and more information."


If you haven't checked out Games Unplugged magazine yet, you should! These guys are some new friends of the Whitestone Council, and will be bringing you new information on the Dragonlance d20 game. Check with your local gaming stores to get a copy. For a subscription, please go to:

I'll try to bring you the latest on what is going on with Games Unplugged as new Dragonlance articles are available in print. Be sure to check out April's issue.


The following is an announcement by Julia Martin, Online Media Producer for Wizards of the Coast, and is taken from the WotC Dragonlance Novels Board:

"I am seeking a contract columnist to write a monthly column of approximately 1,500 words that ties into the Dragonlance novels published by our Book Publishing division. The column should tie into one or more novels released during a particular month. This is not a fiction-writing assignment. DO NOT reply to this thread. This is a contract writing assignment. Wizards acquires all rights to the column, which will be published on You will be required to remain current on the Dragonlance novels. Please email a cover letter, copy of your resume, and a writing sample (not fiction) to For the nature of the sort of articles I am seeking, you would be well advised to visit the above website (with the caveat that I am have no need for interviews). Julia Martin Online Media Producer Wizards of the Coast, Inc."


Last issue, I had a tentative product schedule. In it, I mentioned that Players of Gilean wouldn't be out until May. Wizards of the Coast's website had confirmed this. However, it seems that they have been able to release it on schedule after all, and it is in stores now. Excellent cover, by the way.


We've had quite a few submissions of late, and it would be impossible to mention them all here. I can say that there has been some new fan art and fan fiction, plus some recipes. Our music section has had a new Bard on the Run or two, and we've even had some new polls of late. Terry Doetzel has submitted his view of Southern Ergoth, and yours truly has worked up a couple of articles on the gods and magic of Krynn. Plus, check out Dragonhelm's Guide to Krynnspace, an update to SJR7 Krynnspace. You can also check this out on Beyond the Moons (, the official Spelljammer website.


Whew! That's quite a lot this issue. As you can see, Dragonlance is bustling with activity.

I'm very proud to be a part of this, and admittedly a bit shocked too! Who would have ever thought that a simple farm boy could be part of something so grand?

Remember, all things are possible for those who seek out their dreams.

Long Live the Lance!

Trampas Whiteman
Dragonlance Nexus