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Dragonlance Nexus News Issue #25: 8/26/2002


  • Welcome to the Inn
  • GenCon 2002 – General Thoughts
  • Killer Breakfast
  • Dragonlance Reception/Bertrem's Funeral
  • Dragonlance Movie
  • Taladas Trilogy
  • Bronze Canticles
  • Annotated Legends
  • Hardcover Chronicles
  • Kang's Regiment Volume 3
  • Until Next Time


Greetings, friends and fellow companions, and welcome back to another exciting issue of the News!

I've got some very exciting news from GenCon this year. Margaret Weis made a few announcements at the Dragonlance reception this year, which will certainly interest you.

So grab your hoopaks. The portal to adventure awaits!


I must apologize at this point, for I'm late getting the latest from GenCon to you. Real Life, as always, is an ugly monster.

I'll start with some of the overall things, then go into specifics. I met up with Paladin at the airport, and we moved along to GenCon. I got to see Cam Banks again, as well as his wife and new baby, Connor. Connor is the cutest baby in the world. Just ask Cam, and he'll tell you. I also had a chance to meet Lestah in person as well as her husband, and Kipper and his wife.

We had a great time hanging out with the Sovereign Press people, including Jamie and Renae Chambers, Christopher Coyle, Don Perrin, and Margaret Weis. We also had a little time to hang with Tracy Hickman. We met several of the other Dragonlance authors there, including Chris Pierson, Jean Rabe, Douglas Niles, Stan!, and Richard Knaak. Richard and I had a wonderful talk about honor, and I even got to see a sneak peak of the cover of his new minotaur trilogy. I even got to game with Chris Pierson as well at a Sovereign Stone demo.

I also got to meet a fair number of online friends as well from both the Dragonlance and Spelljammer communities. Great seeing everyone there!


Tracy Hickman's Killer Breakfast is an event not to be missed. Killer Breakfast has nothing to do with food, and everything to do about death. Tracy attempts to kill 200+ characters in a 2-hour time period. This year, it was Star Warps: Send in the Clones (a musical).

Unfortunately, we ran out of time before I got a personal killing. However, I did talk to Tracy afterwards, and presented him with my bribe anyway – a travel guide to astronomy.


This year's Dragonlance Reception was a bit different from most. This year, Brother Bertrem, Aesthetic at the Library of Palanthas, finally passed away. Special speakers came to honor Bertrem at his funeral, including Chris Pierson, Jean Rabe, Douglas Niles, Stan!, Don Perrin, Margaret Weis (as Takhisis), and Tracy Hickman (as Fizban the Fabulous). Yours truly even was invited to speak at the funeral. I cannot say what an honor that was to speak beside these well-known authors. Special thanks to Peter Archer of Wizards of the Coast for allowing me the privelege.

All the speeches were great, but Tracy stole the show as Fizban. When it was his turn to speak, he went towards the podium, and went through the doors behind it. Luckily, Mrs. Fizban (Tracy's wife, Laura Curtis) was there to assist him.

We have the funeral speeches up >>here<<<.

We are still awaiting Don Perrin's speech, which should be available shortly.

After the funeral, several announcements were made. I'll go through them one by one.


Margaret announced that Dragonlance has been optioned for a movie. This is not to say that one is currently in production. We will bring you more news of this as it unfolds.


It was also announced that there will be a trilogy based on the continent of Taladas, written by Margaret Weis and Don Perrin.


Tracy announced the name of his latest trilogy, written with wife and co-author Laura Curtis. You can learn more about Bronze Canticles at


Annotated Legends is slated for a Fall 2003 release date.


Peter Archer announced that there will be hardcover editions of the Chronicles in the spring of 2003.


There will be a third book in this series. No news on a release date yet.


Larry Elmore's site has a new feature on it. He shows you the progression of his latest Dragonlance painting, "Raistlin's Keep".


As I sit here in the Inn of the Last Home eating those infamous spiced potatoes, I take a long look at my surroundings. "This is where it all began," I tell myself. I feel a sense of awe as it finally dawns on me that the road that I have traveled has led me back to the Inn of the Last Home.

After sitting there awhile soaking up the history, I look outside and see children playing. I hear their songs and their laughter, and especially their stories about knights and wizards and dragons. I know that those stories will always be told, so long as there are people who will keep them in their hearts and believe.

So let us meet back at the Inn of the Last Home in another month. There will be more tales to be told, even as a new legend is being forged.

Long Live the Lance!

Trampas Whiteman
Co-Chairman, Whitestone Council & Dragonlance Nexus