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Dragonlance Nexus News Issue #13: 2/28/2001

Hail All,

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- Official Dragonlance Site Announced
- Electronic Downloads
- Dragons of a Lost Star Release Date
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Official Dragonlance Site Announced
In January, Wizards of the Coast made the decision to cancel the Dragonlance setting as a gaming line, much like some of the other 'worlds' like Planescape, Dark Sun, and others. However, in order to continue development of gaming material, Wizards named the Dragonlance Nexus the official gaming site. The Nexus will be creating original adventures, D&D 3rd Edition rules, monsters, NPCs and weapons (among other things) for fans to use in their Dragonlance campaigns. If you have material you would be interested in submitting, or helping with the project, visit the site at the address above and let them know!

Electronic Downloads
In addition to naming an official gaming site, Wizards also is releasing a number of old (and hard to find!) gaming modules on the Internet in PDF format. There are seven Dragonlance modules that will be released for free, that you can download from the page above. Any adventures not available for free will be sold through the Wizards online store ( for about $4 each. Currently, the following modules are available: Dragons of Despair, Dragons of Hope, Dragons of Flame, Dragons of Mystery, Dragons of Desolation, Dragons of Ice.

Dragons of a Lost Star Release Date
While not confirmed by Wizards of the Coast, a tentative release date for Dragons of a Lost Star -- the next installment in the War of Souls series -- has been set. It appears that the book will go on sale on April 10, 2001 from online and brick & mortar retailers. A preview chapter of the book is published in the paperback copy of Dragons of a Fallen Sun, and is also available by looking through the archives of Tracy Hickman's mailing list. (More directions are available on his home page at

That's the news! Until next time, I bid you farewell.