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Dragonlance Nexus News Issue #12: 12/31/2000

Hail All,

In this Issue:
- Fan Art & Writing Contest Winners
- Changes & Site Updates
- DoaFS Now In Paperback
- New Novel Release Schedule
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Fan Art & Writing Contest Winners
Congratulations goes out to the winners of the Fan Art & Writing Contest 2000! Thank you to all who entered -- we had a number of really great entries, which made it that much more diffucult to choose the winners. (The judges actually had to re-vote for more than one tiebreaker!) Rather than simply list all of the winning entries here, try the link above to see the winners. Congratulations!

Changes & Site Updates
A number of new interactive features are coming along to in the near future. We're currently expanding the content of the Gaming section, adding some new graphics to make some pages a bit more visually interesting, and adding a number of new features. I'm still finishing up the programming right now, but will have an 80-question DL trivia quiz, complete will a high score list for the top scores. Visitor polls are also in the works, as well as some interviews with Dragonlance Authors - we've interviewed Margaret Weis; Tracy Hickman is next on the list! (You can submit questions that you'd like us to ask him on the Interviews page.) We're also looking into talking with Jean Rabe and some of the other DL authors about their work, so hopefully that will work out in the near future.

Dragons of a Fallen Sun Paperback
Well, it certainly isn't a new release by any stretch of the imagination, but Dragons of a Fallen Sun is now finally available in paperback. If you were putting off buying the book because of the cost of the hardcover, this might be the time to catch up on current events in the Dragonlance setting. (If you haven't read some of the 'core' books first, you may want to check out's recommended reading order first to make sure you're up to speed.)

New Novel Release Schedule
Since the last edition of the newsletter, there have been a number of Dragonlance novels released! This includes Jeff Crook's "Thieves Guild", the second book in the Crossroads series. A new edition of "Legends" will be published in January. Douglas Niles's "The Messenger" will be released in February. The second volume in the War of Souls trilogy, "Dragons of a Lost Star" is on schedule for release on April. (Tracy Hickman released the first chapter to his mailing list a month ago; I thought it was good.) There are several new books recently announced for summer release dates: "Betrayal", part two in the Dhamon Saga; "The Inheritance", a story about Tanis and part of the Classics series; "Brother of the Dragon", volume two of the Barbarians series and "Dragon's Bluff", another novel in the Crossroads series.

That's the news! Happy New Year to all - until next time, I bid you farewell.