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Dragonlance Nexus News Issue #11: 10/27/2000

Hail All,

In this Issue:
- Fan Art & Writing Contest
- Draconian Measures
- D&D Movie Update
- From the Fans
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Fan Art & Writing Contest
Yes, the Fan Art & Writing Contest is once again in full swing! This time around we're offering a $15 first prize in each category and $5 for both second and third place. The deadline to get your new submissions in is November 30; judging and results should be posted by December 15, and your prizes may even arrive in time for the Holidays! Also, if you have previously submitted material to the site and you would like to enter it in the contest, you are welcome to do so! See the contest page for more information. (As always, this contest is completely unofficial.)

Draconian Measures
"Draconian Measures", the newest Dragonlance book by Margaret Weis & Don Perrin, should be released sometime in early November. One of's staff members should be conducting an interview with Margaret Weis, so I will post that online as soon as it is completed. Other upcoming releases: "The Thieves Guild" by Jeff Crook will be released in December, and a new edition of the "Legends" trilogy and a new book called "The Messenger" by Douglas Niles will be out in February. ("Dragons of a Lost Star" will be released in April 2001.)

D&D Movie Update
For those of you keeping a watchful eye on the D&D Movie who can't wait for the December 8th release date to roll around, you can now download the official movie trailer from the site listed above. Unlike, the site above is the 'official' site, but then they don't have nearly as much cool stuff as has (at least not yet). As far as a Dragonlance-specific movie goes, there's nothing happening that I'm aware of yet, but I would bet that the possibility of a Dragonlance movie will depend heavily on how well the D&D movie does at the box office.

From the Fans
After I sent out the last newsletter, I had a request from one fan to send a message out to all of you. So, Rich, this part is for you. He writes: "I live in the Chicago area, and I am looking for other people to play Dragonlance with. I have been playing for about 10 years now. Read just about every book and played just about every module out. I am a 2nd editioner and looking for other people to keep that 2nd edition alive." If anyone is interested, you can contact Rich at

Also, if anyone else has any announcements they would like to make on this list, I would be willing to make this a regular feature of the mailing list if there is interest. Of course I reserve the right to choose which requests I put in here (and will limit it to 1 or 2 per issue), but if you have something that you would like announced, I will see what I can do.

That's the news!. So, until next time, I bid you farewell.