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Dragonlance Nexus News Issue #9: 7/19/2000

Hail All,

In this Issue:
- New Site Design
- Gaming Area
- Clandestine Circle
- Gathering e-zine
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New Site Design
If you have visited the site in the past few days, you will know that has had a major update to both the design of the site and a shift in its focus. The new design better organizes old areas of the site into new categories and keeps everything together. The writing, artwork and music areas of the site have been rolled into the new Fan Section; a Gaming section for players of Dragonlance has been added, and the Bookstore has become the Products section, where we will eventually hope to feature a list of every Dragonlance product ever published (though some may be out of print). Let us know what you think of the site's new look - stop by today and let us know!

Gaming Area
One of the new areas of is the Gaming area. Right now we're looking to expand the very limited amount of material that the editors have been able to create on their own, and we want your help: if you have any gaming related Dragonlance stuff that you've created for you personal campaigns, send it to us! Instructions are available in the Gaming Section.

Clandestine Circle
by Mary Herbert
The newest Dragonlance novel, "The Clandestine Circle", was just released this month. The book is the first in a new series, and this particular novel revolves around the story of a young knight working undercover to join the elite bodyguard of the Lord Governor in Sanction.

Gathering: Dragonlance Fan Fiction
Looking for another place to get your fan fiction or art published? The 'Gathering' is a Dragonlance-only e-zine published in Adobe Acrobat format, that is released periodically and features the work of Dragonlance fans. (The first issue was very impressive and I would expect the second to be equally good.) Currently the editor is looking for a couple of submissions of work for the second issue. Deadline is August 12. See the Gathering's home page for more information.

That's the news!. So, until next time, I bid you farewell.

May your wanderlust never cease,