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Dragonlance Nexus News Issue #8: 5/3/2000

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In this Issue:
- Downfall, the Dhamon Saga
- v3.0
- Upcoming Releases
- D&D Cartoon
- What Next for the Site?
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Downfall, the Dhamon Saga
'Downfall' is the first novel in the Dhamon Saga, a trilogy by Jean Rabe. The trilogy based on the life of Dhamon Grimwulf, the hero introduced in the 'Dragons of a New Age' series. It does not appear that any release date has been publicly announced for the second book in the series yet. v3.0
As many of you know, is currently under heavy construction, though you wouldn't know it from looking at the main site! We're currently re-working much of the content of the site and reorganizing it into more logical categories. Tentative release date for version 3.0 is sometime in late May or early June.

Upcoming Releases
There are several new releases of Dragonlance material in the coming months. Look for "More Leaves from the Inn of the Last Home", the sequel to the immensely popular "Leaves from the Inn of the Last Home" in June. In July, "The Citadel" will be released. It is part of the 'Classics' series, along with Nancy Berberick's novel "Dalamar the Dark." In addition, Mary Herbert's "The Clandestine Circle" will be the first in a new series entitled the "Crossroads." You can always find the most up-to-date information using the link above to Wizard's online catalog.

D&D Cartoon
Years ago on Saturday morning television, there was a Dungeons & Dragons cartoon featuring a group of kids that was transported to a mystical world by taking a ride on a rollercoaster. The good news is that the cartoon is back on the air on FOX! Check your local listings for a Saturday morning time slot near you.

What Next for the Site?
Where will go next? Right now is in the process of joining a couple of RPG networks to better promote the site and others. You can always keep up to date with the most current news by visiting the news section of the site.

That's the news!. So, until next time, I bid you farewell.

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