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Dragonlance Nexus News Issue #7: 3/11/2000

Hail All,

In this Issue:
- Dragons of a Fallen Sun
- Site Move: Update
- New Fiction Section & Bookstore
- Plans for the Future

Dragons of a Fallen Sun
The new Dragonlance novel from Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman will be officially released on March 14th. The book takes place 40 years after the Chaos War (where Dragons of Summer Flame left off), and is part of the new 'War of Souls' trilogy. The next book, Dragons of a Fallen Moon, is due out sometime next year. For more information, or to order your copy, click the link above to jump to the bookstore.

Site Move: Update
You may not have noticed, but moved from its old hosting provider to a new one last month. As a result, the site is on a faster server with more options and room to grow.

Problems with email have been resolved as well. On a related note, our new host, the Amethyst Alliance (, will be upgrading its servers, so we may be down for a day or so while the transition is made, but I expect that it will go without a hitch.

New Fiction Section & Bookstore
One of the major reasons for the server switch was the ability to convert many of the site's pages into a dynamic database. The fiction section has been completely shifted to the new system, and the bookstore is most of the way there. Hopefully, the fan art section will migrate itself over sometime in the next month or so.

There are a number of new books that are slated to be released in the next month or so, including the first book of the Dhamon Saga as well as the new Crossroads series!

Plans for the Future
Right now we're looking at expanding a number of features of the site, adding a fan section and expanding the amount of reference material. I'll keep you posted on where things are going, but look for some new stuff coming to the site in the next few months!

That's the news!. So, until next time, I bid you farewell.

May your wanderlust never cease,