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Dragonlance Nexus News Issue #5: 12/23/1999

Hail All,

In this Issue:
- About this List
- Dragonlance Art & Writing Contest
- Discussion Board News
- New Dragonlance Books

About this List
I simply want to say that I am thrilled about the response to this list! As of the time this was sent, there are 905 members receiving this email!

Dragonlance Art & Writing Contest
I continue to get new submissions every day for the Art and Writing Contest! I finally managed to get through my backlog of 20+ submissions a week or so ago, and I've discovered that I am now 15 behind again!

This, of course, is not a bad thing -- and in part for my less than speedy work getting things online and partly because I want to see what else comes in, I have extended the contest deadline until December 31, 1999. Keep sending stuff in!

Discussion Board News
After a brief hiatus, the Discussion Boards have returned! As promised, they are located on and using much-improved software. So post away to your heart's content.

On a related note, one of the moderators, Sara Dunstan, has started the DL Board Community page where regular members of the board can submit personal information, pictures, quotes, etc., and get to know each other better. There is a link to it from the Board's home page.

New Dragonlance Books
I left you with rumors last time about a new Dragonlance novel, and this time I will be able to give you a few more details about both it and some new releases. The book is (not surprisingly) titled 'Dalamar the Dark' and is by Nancy V. Berberick. It is slated to be released in January, and I will be sure to let you know when it begins shipping. Pre-orders are now being taken for it, so you can be among the first to receive it when it ships.

TSR/Wizards of the Coast will also be re-releasing the Dragonlance Chronicles series in February, as a prelude to the release of Dragons of a Fallen Sun in March.

That's it for this time! Have a happy and safe holiday season. As they would say on Krynn, happy Yule! May your wanderlust never cease,