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Dragonlance Nexus News Issue #3: 10/23/1999

Hail All,

In this Issue:
- Dragonlance Art & Writing Contest
- Additions to the Bookstore
- Discussion Boards Update
- Dragonlance Site Exchange

Dragonlance Art & Writing Contest
I am pleased to announce the first Art & Writing Contest! Are you an artist or a writer? A fan of Dragonlance? Do you want to win prizes? Then submit your work to the Art & Writing Contest. It runs from now until December 15, 1999. More details are available on the Contest page. Hope to see your entries!

Additions to the Bookstore
The bookstore has been redesigned in the past month! Hopefully the new format will make it easier to find and order your favorite books. In addition to Dragonlance Novels, the bookstore is also expanding to include some of the other series as well, including Planescape, Ravenloft and Forgotten Realms!

Discussion Boards Update
All I have to say is wow. The Discussion Board currently has over 400 members! The board is more popular that ever -- register and discuss the Dragonlance saga to your heart's content!

Dragonlance Site Exchange has recently aquired the Dragonlance Site Exchange from its previous owner, Aragorn! Do you have a Dragonlance website? Want your banner displayed on and other sites (including the Great RPG Archive)? Sign up for the DSE!

That's it for this issue! May your wanderlust never cease,