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Dragonlance Nexus News Issue #2: 9/21/1999

Hail All,

In this Email:
- Dragonlance Reference
- Discussion Boards Update
- "Siege of Mt. Nevermind" &
"Annotated Chronicles"
- Design Changes

Dragonlance Reference
I'm happy to announce that the Dragonlance Reference section is still expanding! The "Gods of Krynn" section was added fairly recently, and the "River of Time" is still in progress (but it's getting there!). Look for it in the very near future!

Discussion Boards
I'm proud to announce that the Dragonlance discussion boards have been growing exponentially lately! Over 260 people have registered for the boards, more than doubling in less than a month. Stop by and discuss the finer points of the Dragonlance Saga to your heart's content!

New Novels Published!
While I haven't finished reviewing the two newest novels from TSR yet, I will attempt to get the reviews up right away. As metioned in last month's issue, "Brothers in Arms", the sequel to "the Soulforge" was published. The new book this month is "The Siege of Mount Nevermind", telling the tale of the adventures of the gnomes in the fifth age. In addition, I'm pleased to announce that pre-orders of the "Annotated Dragonlance Chronicles" are being taken! Check out the home page for more information!

Design Changes
As you've probably noticed if you've visited the site lately, I've been playing with how to format the information on's pages. I've finally come up with something that I like, and that fits on almost everyone's computer screen. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions on the way the site looks, please let me know!

That's about all for this issue! I hope to see you again soon during your travels on Krynn!