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Wizards of the Coast Announces Taladas for 4th Edition

by Trampas Whiteman, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Bakukal, Yurthgreen 1, 424 AC

Wizards of the Coast has announced today that Dragonlance will be making a return to Dungeons & Dragons in 4th edition, though not in the way fans might expect. Rather than focusing on the traditional Ansalon setting, Wizards has opted to tackle Taladas in a similar fashion to Dark Sun. The Dragonlance Nexus sat down with the WotC designers to get the scoop.

“It just makes sense,” Mike Mearls said. “When you look at Ansalon, you have a lot of established continuity. Fandom is split between the War of the Lance and Age of Mortals eras. Another time jump will just cause further divisions, and a reboot dismisses continuity. We may tackle Ansalon at some point, but we thought it would be good if we could use Taladas as a testing ground. Luckily, Taladas doesn’t have the same sort of history, so it’s ripe for a Dark Sun style reboot.”

According to Chris Perkins, elements of both Ansalon and 4th edition will be used in the Taladas reboot. “Some elements of Taladas just didn’t make sense, like the draconians. Why would Takhisis move the failed draconians to Taladas, rather than just destroy them? So we’ve said that they’re really dragonborn, kind of a concurrent experiment. We also know that Dragonlance fans love the Knights of Solamnia and Wizards of High Sorcery. We’re taking the existing Dragon Knights of Taladas and building them up in a big way. Then the Orders will make their presence known on Taladas.”

When asked what else fans might expect, Perkins had even more surprises. “You can’t have dragonborn without tieflings, so we’re saying that tieflings are from Thenol. Halflings work as-is for Marak kender. Shardminds are going to emerge from the Burning Sea, save that they’ll be made of black obsidian. And we’re going to explain tinker gnomes. Basically, they’re fey, but they were rejected from the Feywild because of their love for technology. Technology literally makes the Feywild sick!”

Taladas trilogy author Chris Pierson had little to say about the changes. “I’m really upset. Due to a typo somewhere, the new trilogy of novels that I was supposed to write was assigned to Chris Perkins instead. It’s bad enough that people ask me about those Penny Arcade guys all the time.”

Mearls described the actual product in more detail. “About Time of the Dragon is a boxed set that is both an RPG and a board game. We’re going to have lots of tokens, and a miniature dragonlance that you can use to poke your friends.” Perkins was heard giggling in the background at the last comment.

“Who’s Perkins kidding?” Robert J. Schwalb said. “It’s not like he’ll actually be doing the work. We all know that I’m the one who does most of the work around here. Don’t believe me? Read Dragon lately?”

At this point in the interview, Perkins and Schwalb got into a fist-fight, with Mearls calling for security. Two orcs came to take care of the duo, but when presented with evidence that orcs didn’t exist in Krynn, they simply vanished.

Chris Pierson, however, solved everything by doing what he does best. After writing a Taladas-shattering kaboom, the survivors at Wizards of the Coast backed away, stating that they’ll never touch Taladas again.