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WotC Announces Dragonlance to be 2012 Campaign Setting!

by Zarvox, Staff Writer
Last Updated: Bakukal, Yurthgreen 1, 424 AC

WotC Announces Dragonlance to be 2012 Campaign Setting!

Wizards of the Coast Director of R&D, Bill Slavicsek, announced yesterday that Dragonlance will be the 2012 Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting. "It only makes sense", said Slavicsek. "While we've been pushing boundaries of the mechanical aspects of D&D – and we're very proud of that – we want to start focusing more on story. Dragonlance has always been about epic stories, ranging from the inspirational to the heartbreaking, and we think this is exactly what 4th edition needs." Slavicsek then went on to cite the enthusiasm of the Dragonlance fan community, and how this has always been reflected in book sales.

Most of the rest of the rest of the announcement focused on the details of 4th edition Dragonlance. "We tried jumping centuries ahead in the timeline in our Forgotten Realms launch, and this has not received the acceptance we would like," said Slavicsek. "But when we moved the timeline back a few decades for Dark Sun, the decision has been widely praised. Dragonlance fans needn't worry about about getting anything less than the best treatment from WotC. Gamers have spoken, and we have listened: we'll be moving the timeline back by about 4,000 years to the Age of Dreams." He then went on to explain that this would be a reboot in the style of Marvel Comic's 'Ultimates' line (though for copyright reasons he could not mention the comics by name), with the emphasis placed on the aspects of the setting fans really enjoy, and with the dead wood and complexities of history cut out entirely.

"What is the core of Dragonlance?" asked Slavicsek. "Dragons. It's right there in the title. So we'll be giving you more of them! We'll be transporting draconians back to the Age of Dreams, while introducing dragonborn." He then went on to describe numerous new dragon types, including bipedal dragons, eight-legged dragons, and an entire dragon civilization, with dragon nobles, potters, and farmers. Most non-dragon races will be pushed to the sidelines, with some races, like dwarves, being phased out entirely.

"Speaking of races," said Slavicsek, "what about elves? Well, don't worry, we know you love the variety of elf races, and their constant bickering. So we're introducing three more elf races, all of whom will get an encounter power called "Grievance of my Ancestors," which gives them a +5 bonus to AC while they yell at other elves over minutiae, though this will occupy all their actions for 3 turns."

"But what about the story? The central story in Dragonlance is Good versus Evil. And we'll be making that even bigger and better. We have this war set up which will be all of the evil people of Krynn fighting all of the good people AT THE SAME TIME. Nobody's staying at home to mind the kids. It's just going to be one enormous brawl in Neraka." He then went on to announce a new board game about this brawl, which will be released in 2013. "Plus, we've smoothed out certain flaws in the old Good versus Evil system, where some heroes were tarnished by tragic flaws, and a a couple villains were absolutely ruined by being given sympathetic backstories. Lord Soth springs to mind here. We know that you want absolute good and evil, with nothing in between."

Slavicsek wrapped up the announcement with his biggest surprise. "But the single feature we're most excited about is the history table. One of Dragonlance's greatest draws is its rich history. We at Wizards are adopting a principle of simplicity, which might seem to contradict that, but not at all. Who wants to keep track of unimportant figures like Huma or the Kingpriest? So we will be including a random history table. Whenever the party encounters a ruin or an ancient artifact, or is told some facet of history, just roll on the table to see what you get. For example, say you asked me why the eight-legged dragons are at war with the empire of Sivak draconians in the Kharolis mountains. Well, I consult this table, titled 'Noun Verbed Noun for Reason', and we find out that they're at war because the Knights of Solamnia invaded the Orders of High Sorcery because evil turns on itself. What could be easier? Plus, this way, every time you play, history turns out different, which is always fun."

4th edition Dragonlance will be released in May 2012.